EBOOK RECIPE SNEAK PEAK! Vegan home dinner dates + Photoshoots

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9 Responses

  1. Please please please show a self tanning routine/how you are always so bronzed!

  2. no doubt you're my favorite youtuber and my inspiration … love u 😙

  3. Tara Khan says:

    What song was it when you were dancing whilst cleaning the floors?!

  4. Cee, where and what brand are your first pair of sunnies from ? x

  5. shriya umre says:

    It gives me Sarah's day vibes. You both should DEFINITELY meet. You have such similar choices and vibes!!

  6. Tracey Costa says:

    Love you're videos and your dinner meal looked amazing. You mentioned a reminders app on your phone for scheduling things. Is this the reminders app that comes with the iPhone and if so, do you find that app useful?

  7. Carlie Beth says:

    Always so full of energy, love it!

  8. Anna Kazda says:

    I AM FIRST omg love you christie

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