Indian Flavors Vegetarian Meal Prep! Indian Breakfast Lunch Dinner and Snacks – Mind Over Munch

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22 Responses

  1. Allie Quinn says:

    Yum!!! I love Indian food! You have made my heart and stomach very happy. I would love to see more recipes.

  2. Lyuba Protas says:

    So I just made this chickpea recipe and 20min after it's all gone!!! Thanks so much for all of your hard work team mind over munch!!!

  3. Gabby Watson says:

    I love themed meal preps like this. For a video request, I would love a Flour 101 similar to your Sugars and Sweetener 101 video! I feel like there are so many different types of flour used now and I’d love to know their differences and how to use them 🙂

  4. jaemonxD says:

    Awesome! Love indian flavoured stuff!! I love the gluten free naan idea

  5. Anuj Kapoor says:

    I wish i could give multiple thumb's up.. Awesome please keep this coming.. you are awesome. Thanks for such amazing recipes.

  6. mnomm nomm nomm nomm nomm. ah!!!

  7. MsSneaky0815 says:

    Thank you so much for this meal prep. I LOVE having Indian food and enjoy cooking it as well. There is an abundance of spices in most dishes which makes them so special, delicious and not to forget healthy. I got my VERY picky friend not only to taste but even to want to learn how to cook Indian food herself – and she hates cooking. But she loves the taste of the food. 🙂

  8. Hi even I am an Indian too so I wish you could do some more Indian recipes

  9. Mitto M says:

    Hey hi.. I'm glad that you have got the interest to cook and video the same. Would love to see something new, which is Kerala style Fish curry which is cooked with coconut milk. Why not try? 👏🏻👍

  10. Eswar L says:

    Please do make many many more indian recipes

  11. Kim Potter says:

    Love the Indian twist. Lentils….mmm my fave! Thanx for the ideas ❤️😊

  12. Amy Mochel says:

    This is fantastic. I can't wait to try these recipes!

  13. Skinder Kaur says:

    This is such a joke… which indian eats raita dip??? Not anyone that i know of.

  14. Lins J says:

    Question: is there really that much of a difference in the fat content of deep fried plantains vs. pan fried? It seemed to me that the whole surface area of the plantain was still in contact with the oil. I recall one of the early Good Eats episodes with Alton Brown where he demonstrated that there’s not a huge difference in the amount of oil absorbed by chicken when deep fried vs. pan fried. I could see the main benefit being simply using up less oil so you don’t have to waste 1/2 a container. PS love this video!!

  15. Barbie Lee says:

    its my birthday month alicia. and i have not been eating a piece of cake on my birthday since i started dieting last 10 years ago. Now i have more time to bake but only have food processor no mixer. Hope you can help me make an UBE/PURPLE CAKE or mocha flavor cake that has less calorie and sugar. thank you

  16. Sarah Mowitz says:

    Love this! Thanks for sharing some of your background with us! Also, love the pineapple face!!

  17. Meenu Joshi says:

    Love it, please more!!!!

  18. There are any Indian restaurants around me, so I can't wait to try some of these recipes!

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