3 QUICK & SIMPLE Chicken Recipes | Fixing Dinner

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28 Responses

  1. How do you know the drumb sticks are fully cooked?

  2. Cee Fade says:

    Oh my!!! Thank you so much for sharing! I’m definitely “borrowing” these recipes 😀

  3. asmae Sima says:

    great recipes as always ! 2nd recipe though says 2 ground almonds it should say 2 cups probably .

  4. Your presentation the food is on point. Amazing chicken ideas 👍👍🍗🍗

  5. Marlene J says:

    love it , Love it.

  6. Gim Mirae says:

    "Chicken fingers" on hand lol

  7. Hello beautiful Sarah🌹😘 beam me up baby🌹… lol.. I wanna taste your chicken tonight..👍 Yum… 2018.. Yesss..

  8. J. McNeese says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for making my meal planning easy with the help of your videos 📹 & playlist 📄👏👏👍👍🙌💕

  9. Everything looks delectable! Thank you for constantly including gluten free recipes!! I love you like a sister XOXO

  10. Can u please collab with Rosanna Pansino 😘

  11. Jeff Ward says:

    The 1st one with a yuca smashed side is gonna be on my menu this week. Thanks

  12. Gim Mirae says:

    Yeeees, another gorgeous video!♡

  13. Brooke Flood says:

    Love these gluten free, simple, budget friendly and quick recipes!!

  14. U make the most delicious the most amazing and the most finger liking good I mean how!!!!!!!!!!

  15. 30views and 50likes I'm on a roll

  16. Woah, these look bomb! I'll definitely show these to my mom bc she's the chef of the family and sometimes she doesn't have new ideas of what to cook so I hope she tries it.


  17. Hello beautiful, i will definitely try them all!!😋😋 thanks for sharing your amazing recipes👍👍

  18. Laura Diaz says:

    Oh, by the way, I have been using your book a looooot! Thanks!

  19. Hi, Sara Lynn. Your chicken recipes look simply gorgeous. What's your best tip for organizing dry ingredients? Have a good day, Sara Lynn. <3

  20. Annie T says:

    Looks so yummy 😋😊

  21. Thanks
    Love ur videos ❤️❤️❤️

  22. Automatic click when I see that notification <3

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