5 Healthy & Easy Recipes | Green Smoothie, Pesto, Pancakes & Tacos!

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  1. i love kale chips! your videos are amazing. : )

  2. Loved this! Idea: what about a video on 5 ways to get more protein? for vegans & vegetarians!

  3. Happy Monday Nikole!!!! All the recipes looks delicious 😋 especially the pancakes 🥞 I 💚💚💚💚them. Who would have thought about green pancakes only you Nikole ☺️. You set the bar high!!!! #NikoleOnTheCookingChannelASAP! 💚💚💛💛#HealthNutFam🥑🥑🥑🥑

  4. Rebel Love says:

    Thank you for the ideas

  5. Laura Diaz says:

    Would love a video about deserts with greens

  6. I love love love pasta, green pesto and tomatos☺

  7. I love your videos! Can you do a video on how you wash and clean all your veggies before you use them? Plllleassse! 🥑🥒🥦🥗

  8. KathehFIT says:

    Yessss, this amazing!!!!!

  9. Never thought of green pancakes!! Love all the ideas!

  10. looooved this<3 you are such a cute person and always so inspiring<3 thanks for sharing. have a wonderful day. loooove

  11. love it!
    smoothie and taco is a MUST!!

  12. Divya Dewan says:

    Hi Nikole! Can you please do a video with information on the right way to soak and cook nuts and seeds for it's best benefits? (For e.x like Oats, Buck wheat, Quinoa etc and which type of oats are good for us, since there are somany out there and it's confusing to pick, since I have also heard instant oats are not as healthy)

  13. Amy Paige says:

    🥑🥑 definitely going to try these out.

  14. Love my greens!! 🥑🥑

  15. Exactly what I needed right now!! ♡

  16. Kale Chips are one of my fav ways to get in the greens… Love all the ideas!

  17. This is exactly what I needed! I've been wanting to add more greens to my diet. Thanks Nikole!

  18. This is such a good video! 😊 I will definitely do the pancakes. 💚😋

  19. Love this !!!! Healthnut Fam !!!

  20. Laurie Morck says:

    What else can I use besides hemp hearts.and thank u for these yummy smoothie s

  21. Pesto is superior to all things.

  22. Pia Nagdev says:

    Love ur videos 🥑🥑

  23. Nodya Mai says:

    #notificationsquad #healthnut# came right after bell is ringed)))

  24. Alexandra H says:

    🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑🥑HealthNut Nutrition💕💕🌸🤩

  25. Alexandra H says:

    I really enjoy watching all of your videos!!!!

  26. Tanae Troupe says:

    got so excited when i got this notification

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