Meal Prep – 3 Healthy Grain Bowl Recipes

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25 Responses

  1. rodney g says:

    Good video, was your mic far away, anywhere when your book dropping

  2. Manu Sangior says:

    You really need a better microphone

  3. Jiye Song says:

    I'm team vegan on the off days and chicken on my workout days

  4. ctheartiste says:

    What option do i get if I'm keto? sub out the grain for cauliflower rice?

  5. Afroshak says:

    Thank you for the amazing videos

  6. So u are way to neat!! I Subscribed earlier and I was watching ur vídeos I was surprised that in some of ur videos u have some spanish info ( way cool ) and I think I've seen u in one of Gracies videos right??

  7. Khizar Ghani says:

    Video for recipe starts 2:38

  8. Adam S says:

    Would you eat this cold?

  9. mrsgriffin41 says:

    All of these look delicious!

  10. Rossygrossy says:

    Definitely trying this out next week

  11. cph 8 says:

    Bro! You gotta stop using sea salt and switch to Himalayan pink salt, a recent study found that over 90% of grocery store sea salts contain some percentage of plastic due to the sever pollution in the ocean. Anyways love your videos!

  12. Tearyatobitz says:

    Team bbq shredded chicken

  13. Great video Kevin! I’m team chickpea.

  14. I'm on team all of them at once because surf n' turf n' field is a thing right?

  15. Team salmon and chick pea

  16. Johanna Cruz says:

    Delicious! Can't wait to make.thanks

  17. Team salmon and chick peas be blessed

  18. Damn I need to get on your level

  19. Ian Ocampo says:

    Gracias amigo que delicia

  20. Team Salmon! Looks great! I'll definitely have to invest in nutritional yeast to help hit my protein goals 🙂 Great idea!

    Wondering if you could sub out rice for riced cauliflower or riced broccoli too? I went to HEB the other day and saw their riced broccoli was on sale so I decided to stock up. Plus, I've never had riced broccoli before. You always hear about riced cauliflower but never broccoli. Perhaps a video in the future about some yummy recipes using riced broccoli? 😀 It seems the internet and Pinterest is limited in that area :/

    Great video as always! Keep up the fantastic work!

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