6 Amazing Dairy-Free Breakfasts

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34 Responses

  1. Mmm…the last recipe…😋

  2. charlie. says:

    I can finally use my coconut bowl

  3. I usually just replace everything with almond milk and it comes out the same!

  4. Let be honest thoes pancake do not takes good with your boy sryup at

  5. I agree with jahnavi…I feel more hungry !!!!!!

  6. annie says:

    Please make a lunch and dinner version too! Thank you so much for thinking of us lactose intolerant people!

  7. Nur Iffah says:

    In malaysia we do the same doughnut but the taste maybe different…

  8. Is soy milk considers as dairy i dont frickin' know ok

  9. daniel says:

    They’re all vegan 😄😊😍😋😆

  10. Snuzzies says:

    why replace the eggs with tofu
    last time i checked eggs were not dairy

  11. wisegamer says:

    why didnt you just title this video healthy breakfast foods. Regular bacon is not dairy in the first place.

  12. Samer Henen says:

    Which retarded fuck has doughnuts for breakfast? God bless diabetes

  13. Alan Liu says:

    wait, i didnt realise that pork bacon required milk

  14. Anyone else think Youtube channel Mind Over Munch with the music? 😀 she does very cool vegan recipes ;P

  15. Iqra Khan says:

    That pancake flip though

  16. I appreciate the vegan and dairy free recipes!!!

  17. Rita Devi says:

    U guys are awesome

  18. D3design😘 says:

    This should illegal😡And they made fake bacon

  19. Zoe Wyatt says:

    1:27 I mistook these for paczki. XD

  20. Syeda Khan says:

    yes bacon is already dairy free so there isn’t a need for carrot bacon but y’all in the comments, if your so worried about it then use regular bacon, it’s not that hard.

  21. Yess,  but what about real food??

  22. LampRed says:

    I have school tomorrow but it’s late at night and I’m binge watching tasty.

  23. Why is there always peanut butter…? Allergies are real, plus baked carrot does not bacon make.

  24. You're not fooling anyone. These are vegan recipes, so just call it like it is. Things like bacon have ALWAYS been dairy free. Get your shit together, Tasty.

  25. Dippy Jippy says:

    Hahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha carrot bacon hahahahahahaahahahhaahahahahahahaha

  26. joyk439 says:

    What other non-dairy milk do u recommend besides soy?

  27. You don't make smoothie bowls for breakfast when all you need is a good straw if you want and a cup

  28. Jen Kinkins says:

    Tofu scramble? You can just make normal scrambled eggs. Eggs aren't dairy. Ffs

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