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❤️ Hey Guys,
In Today’s Healthy Breakfast recipe video, I have shared Healthy Pancakes recipe which is very healthy, filling and tasty at the same time. This is what we usually have on our off work days. This recipe is made with Indian ingredients which are easily available at home and this recipe is very quick.

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41 Responses

  1. Madhu Mishra says:

    Amazing video Akansha. This is something really unique. I never imagined that pancakes can be made this way. You are really creative. Btw you already got couple of dislikes which shows there are people who already started keeping an eye on your channel. I would say that it's an excellent thing that you are going to grow even more. Keep going gal 👍👍👍

  2. Rahel Desai says:

    Hi Akansha.. Aj ka vedio bht hi acha tha👍👍.. Easy N Healthy breakfast👌👌 .. muje bht like hua. Mai Ye recipe Try karogi.

  3. Raj Pandya says:

    Before after workout food vedio

  4. Hi I m kavyavinodh u looking great 👌 n healthy recipe super baby

  5. Hellos, do you upload videos in English as well?

  6. can you make vedieo on relationship,trust and how to convince parent for love marriage?

  7. Andy C says:

    Luks yummy n healthy, vl definitely give it a try,
    Bathroom organising video plz..

  8. Chitra Nitin says:

    Hi i m ur new subscriber. Apke vdos bahot achhe hai aur app bhi bahot pyari ho 😘😘😘😘😘😘 Good Luck 👍🏻👍🏻

  9. Dhruv Batham says:

    Wow so yummy i will try n ur black top so nice akansha really ur eyes so beautiful pls share ur eyes makeup..

  10. here comes tuesday n so does ur video😙😙😙 u really keep us waiting akansha…
    great video though😍😍

  11. sai krishnaa says:

    Very yummy nd healthy pancakes thks for the recipe will try soon

  12. Keep posting more videos about recipes😍

  13. sony verma says:

    Very healthy n yummmmmmm, thanks akansha for sharing such a heathlicious recepies with us😊😊

  14. Which cookware u use I want to buy it look very organised and nice also and the recipe is also good I like the vessels you use pls provide the link from where to buy

  15. Woww nice recipe dii.. mein jarur try karungi

  16. Wowww yummy one akansha…

  17. Hemant gupta says:

    plz ap daily vilog bnaya kro

  18. mam ap sab bahut hi achesai manage krte ho…your great mam…mujhe apke video dekhna bahut hi acha lagta hai mam

  19. Saba Saba says:

    ok..itni slim aur bhot choti si hain aap lgta hi nhi shadishuda hain

  20. Wow yummy….ur body is so toned such as goal😍..very nice di..☺😊..may god bless u both

  21. warda Hilabi says:

    Iam fine Akansha mai jeddha me rahty hu aur mai house wife hu mujhy ap ke vedios bhot achy lagty hai aur ap ke bat karni ka tarkha bhot acha lagta hai👩

  22. Ohh shayed mene notice nhi kiya

  23. warda Hilabi says:

    mujhy ap ke vedios dekhna bhot acha lagta hai

  24. Saba Saba says:

    aapke husband kaha rhte hain dear

  25. Wow dear its so yummy 😋😋,kash mujhe bhi bula lete khane k liye .. healthy way cook pan cakes👍stay healthy ,stay fit

  26. Damn easy and healthy too.. can’t wait to try

  27. sweet MA says:

    Please share more break fast weghtloss recipe s 👌👌

  28. warda Hilabi says:

    Hi Akansha How r u very nice pan cake soooo yummmmy 👌👌👌👌👌

  29. payal kumari says:

    Please diet plan for pcod

  30. Wow, pancake looks really yum… Definitely I am going to try this recipe.Normally we make with tomatoes and onion s . Btw thanks for sharing this healthy recipe.

  31. Hiii so tasty n healthy thanks 👍👌💐😊

  32. Nice vedio di.👌👌😋

  33. payal kumari says:

    How to cure hormonal acne and pimple marks

  34. Very nice recipe. A big thumbs up 👍👍

  35. payal kumari says:

    Dii can I use acv for weight loss.my age is 17

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