Pasta Recipes | Quick and Easy Campanelle Pasta

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4 Responses

  1. Delicious,delicious,deliciousthanks,be bless now.

  2. Hello..Kel that look so great give me some salad with that yes…perfect enjoy the weather is nasty here New Jersey much blessings they say😊🔥🔥💗💞👍

  3. How was working out this morning on my treadmill watching you make the pasta dish it was looking so good making me hungry but I knew I couldn't eat meat cuz I'm on a 30-day meatless diet me and my daughter I don't know why I was watching you make this dish cuz it was really making me hungry that was a very delicious looking dish

  4. Tina Givens says:

    Adding bell peppers and top with basil would have been a great addition to this dish as well….LOOKs GOOD

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