3 HEALTHY Seafood Recipes | Fixing Dinner

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  1. trikos93 says:

    i have try both shrimp cleaned and uncleaned and unclean is 10000% better and sweeter if you do a right meal make it count ..! Love all your videos..! Keep it up..!

  2. bee pot says:

    Mmmm yes gimme that chowdah

  3. I love YOU. I love ALYSSIA. I love you TOGETHER!!! ❤❤❤❤❤

  4. bee pot says:


  5. OMG 1000X YES! I love you & Alyssia!

  6. You and alyssa yaaaay!!!

  7. My Drunk Lovelies? I'm here for it lol

  8. Omg that tuna looks amazing!! I love Asian foods using fish. I'd personally rather do a Salmon than tuna because tuna is high in mercury and not that good for you. Wild caught salmon is healthiest among seafood.

  9. I absolutely love your videos. All your recipes are so easy to make and delicious.
    Last night I made the Ground Almond Chicken Fingers from one of the latest videos you posted and they were amazing. I took the liberty to do a tiny little change to it and added Parmesan cheese to the “breading”, and it was really good!
    Thank you so much for these videos! You do an amazing job! Keep it up

  10. Beautiful seafood recipes, Sara Lynn. <3

  11. love your videos so much can't wait for more, could you do a video about different homemade sauces and testing kitchen gadgets

  12. Elle Sk says:

    Omg, i am going to try this soon
    Thanx and u r sooo beautiful😘😘😘

  13. Keep the healthy recipes coming!!!

  14. Hello beautiful, great and yummy recipes as always!! Blessings for you😘

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