COOKING WITH REMI!! Healthy Meal Prep!

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  1. Karissa Sky says:

    theres a kid in my grade that everyone calls him alvocado because his last name sounds like it

  2. nothinmulch says:

    Why are you so precious?! 💟🐥🐰

  3. What is the song playing

  4. I love watching you!! You’re always so happy and I love your vibe! Also you’re like the nicest person. Love your moms gift basket!

  5. you're so good to your mum that warms my heart💕💕

  6. Does anyone know who sings the song playing around the 5 minute mark??

  7. Omg!!! She's filipino ❤️❤️❤️

  8. Scob Sil says:

    OMG shes so brave and strong you guys!

  9. binge watching you! you have motivated me. xoxo

  10. Love this!!!! What’s the song you played while you were cooking??? It’s catchy

  11. Amhal Mia says:

    loveee youuu pls reply ❤️

  12. Anna Feng says:

    I respect you so much for you determination and dedication to being healthy. No one ever said that being healthy was easy, but it makes living life so much more fulfilling and happier <3

  13. kris wright says:

    The Care package is sooooo sweet

  14. Gina Forman says:

    Where you get the heating stuff animals at ???

  15. Yess!! Love cooking with Remi, where is the heating stuff animal from??! 💛

  16. Remi You have inspired me soooo much!!!!

  17. Go Miss Remi!!💪😊

  18. Sara Mahone says:

    i love u ur beautiful

  19. Everyone needs a remi

  20. You need to make a cookbook like seriously

  21. I’m trying to eat healthier and especially in new year so these videos are great and I can’t wait for more! 😋😋😍

  22. Myn says:

    This will forever be my favorite intro song, since you first brought it into your blogs with the super cute dance at your old school, it brings back really good memories even if they're mainly about you.

  23. Please do more meal prepping definitely helpful! A cookbook would be AWESOME!!

  24. Olivia 18 says:

    “this is like running a zoo” 😂😂😂

  25. You are legit such a sweetheart, omg. I'm sure your mom is so grateful.

  26. more more more more more more please

  27. Drop that cooking channel !! 😁😁

  28. What’s the name of the song??

  29. How do we buy or where can we buy those tubber wares?

  30. sweetreats says:

    I love this kind of videos

  31. B M says:

    Your parents dog is so cute💕

  32. B M says:

    You shouldn't put hot food in plastic

  33. itsjustemy says:

    I’ve been eating tons of junk food lately (I usually eat healthy) but your so inspiring!

  34. Kaleesa H says:

    You are literally the best daughter ever! I love how you got your mom a gift basket, thats so adorable:)

  35. Julie Jules says:

    The last video I saw of yours was when you made the tteokbooki…. You look amazing, Keep it up..

  36. GeorgeErika says:

    You inspire me😍🙌

  37. When you meal prep salads, put the tomatoes and cucumbers at the bottom that way it doesn't make the lettuce soggy! When you're ready to eat them, just shake them up!!

  38. Love your videos thank you sharing. Awesome job on healthy change. You give me a Lot inspiration and motivation. Love you positive energy.

  39. Fashion Vlog says:

    She shows her nails to much not to be mean I do like them and "excuse the no makeup face"😒😒😒😒again not to be mean

  40. Jessica Soto says:

    That face she made when she got a text hhmm 😏

  41. blogistuff says:

    remi is such a nice person
    I wish I could be like remi
    her vlogs always make me happy

  42. Giulia Bayuk says:

    Yesssss more cooking/meal prep/what I eat in a day/fitness videos please!

  43. Preyyyyyyy for remi mom I it went well

  44. Chris T says:

    You're the sorority sister that every little dreams of

  45. erihannaaaaa says:

    4:46 what's the song's name?

  46. Amy Zeng says:


  47. Wow u loook awesommme….. Ur skin looks great… Awesom girl keep it up!!! ♡♡♡♡

  48. You're one of the best people on Youtube! <3 Love you and your videos! Keep up the great work!! 🙂

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