7 HEALTHY SMOOTHIE RECIPES – Easy Breakfast Ideas!

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  1. hey you guys! Hope you enjoy this smoothie recipe video! These are some of my current faves that I just had to show you 🙂 ALSO – my fitness and weight loss videos are still coming… very soon! Stay tuned AND hope you have a great week! 🙂 XO

  2. Thank you so much! I love your content and inspiration that you give off:)

  3. Berries and Avocado are so expensive in my country is it cheap in yours? Bc I see many youtubers use them in many ricpies and I really want to try them but if I want I should make a huge amount for all my family members and I can't afford that much of it
    But nice video BTW
    I'll try other smoothies 😍

  4. Mengying Xu says:

    i love your video! so useful and pretty!

  5. AleayiahBaby says:

    They all look so good

  6. I need to get back in trac with my diet 🤩 thank you! 😊💖💕

  7. Ms Pineda says:

    Can you list the ingredients on the coffee smoothie

  8. Hi , what’s the name of the blender again ? And do like it ?

  9. kiran tadas says:

    I loved ur smoothie recipes thank u so much

  10. That video is how I started watching you and then subscribed lol it's great!

  11. Thanks for sharing this!!!

  12. Is that about a cup of beets? Sounds so good!

  13. Smoothies don't need recipes. Would like to see more vegan cool recipes from you 🙂 💙

  14. i just found your channel and i am so glad i did..i a love your channel….

  15. Thanks so much for sharing these! I just realized that the yogurt I use for my daily smoothie has quite a bit of added sugar and I’m trying to cut that out, so this video came at a perfect time!

  16. Cat Storm says:

    the coffee date smoothie <3 for tomorrow morning !!!! xxx

  17. Ana Martinez says:

    All of them looks so good

  18. Krista says:

    The coffee one looks really good. 😍😍

  19. Which blender are you using? 🙂

  20. You have the VERY best smoothie recipes! So easy to follow too. Thank you!

  21. Animal Love says:

    Dang it I was at school when you posted 😩. But LOVE the video 😘😍

  22. These recepies look amazing! I will try all of them – well, probably not the one with the beetroot, but about the rest I'm super excited, especially about the chocolate one! Thank you very much for sharing! 😀

  23. THEN EF says:

    Upload more often pleaeaease!!😁😁😁

  24. Michelle A says:

    Liked before I even watched, you had me at the title 😍

  25. Thank you very much for the lovely smoothy .I wish to follow your recipes but I can not since none has the micronutrient values. Appreciate your hard work and good luck

  26. yasmin amaya says:


  27. I’m definitely gonna try the coffee smoothie and the peanut butter banana smoothie ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Iris Vane says:

    Can you use carrots in your recipes? They add alot of natural sweetness and i would like some more recipes with them :3 Great video, the coffee one will be a winner for me <3

  29. thank you so much it was lovely and i wil hv appreciate 👊👌👍😻😘

  30. Yasss. I've been looking for some smoothie recipes!!

  31. hazel khan says:


  32. OMG they look so deliciously smooth and tasty 💛 I just wanna send you some love from Sicily, Italy.
    And if you're a music addict like me, check out this amazing summer song: Flo Tusch – Love ain't cheap
    I love the sunny vibe of it and I hope it will bring you some relaxing minutes too Liezl 🙂

  33. Love this and you love this channel I lose 5 pound from your channel

  34. Mariya M says:

    Yay you finally posted! Love this video thankyou💛 your nut butters are always so creamy! Would love to know what brand you use if possible as well as which vanilla powder 💛💖💛

  35. Sabrina C. says:

    Thanks so much for posting, great smoothie ideas to try… 🙂

  36. ZAYN MALIK says:


  37. hazel khan says:

    Smooties look delicious😊i am going to try this😘

  38. Brig Lynn says:

    Great recipes, going to try the ones with chia seeds! Thanks Liezl!

  39. hazel khan says:

    Thank you soo much💞💞 You are soo preety😍😘😘 Love you Liezl😊

  40. I love your accent and your voice!

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