Healthy BREAKFAST ideas for weight loss | Indian vegetarian Breakfast recipes for weight loss

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  1. Banani Pompa says:

    hi there…..from Bangladesh.

  2. This looks so yummy,simple and healthy 😍😍

  3. Taranum Banu says:

    Hi anwensha very good break fast Tank you very much for new recipe

  4. Tina wow says:

    Didi apki pcod thick hogeyi Kya ? Mujhe v hai isiliye puchreh hu ki exercise + healthy khane se pcod thick ho sakti hai ?

  5. partha dutta says:

    Dekhei khete ichhe korche.

  6. I will try it… This sunday😄

  7. Hello.. Mam I recently subscribe ur channel I don't watch all ur videos… But whatever I watch it is very nice nd very helpful I like ur videos nd… I like ur style ❤️

  8. Very nice healthy recipe 🖒🖒🖒❤

  9. Don't put food in plastic or melamine container when it's hot… Very unhealthy…..

  10. DEMAND DUDE says:

    Yummmy di….soooo gud

  11. agar breakfast me keval warm milk le to vo sahi hota h ky didi weight loss k liye?

  12. Fozia Zahid says:

    Kito diet we can use lentils curry or dhosa fyom daal plz reply me ur video is awsem

  13. This is my dinner usually 😍😍. Winter and veggies and salad that's all I need to make my food yum yum yum. I usually skip the bread for dinner but thanks for getting me the idea of having thus at breakfast as well. 😍

  14. Pari H says:

    Nice . Healthy Breakfast Recipe 👍

  15. Innisha Roy says:

    Is it good to have white bread in your healthy diet?????

  16. Anu Singh says:

    easy n simple recipe 🤙✌️

  17. please tell me which apple sider vinoger u use?

  18. Arpita Patra says:

    Wow di… very nicee….

  19. ah2 ah2 says:

    Please do Daily morning routine .😉😉😉😉

  20. Didi khub valo..erokom recipe dekhiyo.r tmr thke English bola sikhi..tumi English besi u

  21. swt sank says:

    Very nice n healthy recipe

  22. Hi anwesha hi m Sam here… Love u soooooo much… I'm on my weightloss journey u r my inspiration

  23. U can also add Chaat masala. It tastes very good.:)

  24. apse ek bat kahu annu ur really so much amazing. apki har bat simple aur jo hmare pas he uska use diet me kaise Kare na koi kharcha hai bas sub apne bjet me tyar. thanks for your help to all housewives. 😊😊

  25. Tina wow says:

    Hi anwesha ap apne babies sang videos banaye plzzzz

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