Lunch Box Recipe / Carrot Rice / Anitha Kuppusamy /சமையல் / Kitchen

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  1. Raj Kumar says:

    mam super dis, boori podunga mam pls

  2. priya anand says:

    hi mam. I have pregnancy belly mam.i didn't tie my stomach properly . but normal delivery only mam.first baby 4 months old .my only hope is you so please give me some tips to reduce my belly mam.

  3. Gulia raja says:

    Hi aunty.. I like u a lot…I have seen a Valentins special Video from you… I loved it a lot… I took all your advices to my heart and I have send this Video if Valentins special to all people… I never thought u come from another culture… I thought u are tamil… avulavu azhugu your tamil…. I born in germany my parents are tamil… but I love your Songs and your advices for good marrage life… I really took your words to heart and send to all and also tell your msg to all my friend… you both have such a giid heart I like it…such a kind heart And good human beeing… acidently I have seen your YouTube channel and I am happy that i can msg u…
    lovly cooking lovly talking…
    well done
    hope and all the BEST for u both

  4. Hi akka Naan Unga fan nenga beauty queen akka Unga songs super I will try this rice

  5. மிகத்தெளிவாக ஒவ்வொரு செயல்முறையையும் சொல்கிறீர்கள் (சந்தேகம் என்பதே வராத அளவுக்கு)..

  6. Anvardheen J says:

    Excellent for bachelor cooking

  7. Hi mam…super lunchbox recipe…nah kandipah en sonku kuduthu try panuven…

  8. Vijaya Rani says:

    Super thank you so much mam. morning snacks eppdi prepare panna kojam solluga mam. Pls

  9. Gomathy Mani says:

    Super speech Ur so quite ma

  10. Chithra Devi says:

    Unga kitchen fulla vatuga mam

  11. mam you are speaking good Tami. keep it up mam.

  12. thank u mam, nice My son likes carrot more,

  13. Super madam….surely I will try….kitchen organisation video venum madam….

  14. Thank u mam. Licorice vechu fairness cream eppidi panurathu inu video podunga mam.

  15. Raja Gopal says:

    tamil speech super mam

  16. Ur recipes super … Can u tell how to increase kids appetite pls

  17. Ajith Kumar says:

    Mam sweets recipe update pannuga mam

  18. Hi Anita akka, north side kichadi(it will be more of kuzhaidha paruppu sadam south style) seidhu kamiga Saravana Bhavan la north Indian thali la edhu kuduppanga ka.thanks ka

  19. nice mam na patta kirambu pottu pannunathu ella etha I will try

  20. hi i am viji . ur dish is very nice and tamil also good.

  21. Hi mam. Am ur new subscriber. Sombu thalikkum podhu podama why after that? Any particular reason.

  22. Azhaga pesuringa sister you so cute sister

  23. Nice recipe sister thank u…. surely I will cook this carrot rice for my cute son….." thank you so much sister"…..

  24. Srikanth R says:

    Enga mam saree vangiriga athku thaniya video podunfa

  25. Viswa Viswa says:

    Mam superb unga kitchen your kattunga mam

  26. Srividhya S says:

    Super mam….. thank you so much

  27. PRABAKARAN G says:

    Hi poovizhi nice dish…carrot rice my favorite…and then ….ur all saree is super…mam…😍

  28. 123abc says:

    kitchen organisation video podunga madam

  29. Super mam deferred recipe l will try mam Thank you mam

  30. anitha i like yur cooking because u dont un necessarily cut short on ghee, butter. people follow stupid diet. ghee ,oil,butter seka vendiya item kku sethadhan andha dish nalla varum.,

  31. Jansi Silvia says:

    can I use normal ponni rice instead of basumathi rice super easy recipe akka I like very much 👌

  32. Kavitha siva says:

    Vedio varalla mam please

  33. shruthi Nair says:

    Mam can v use beetroot instead of carrot ? Will it b good ?

  34. ayesha 14 says:

    Last mudikkum pothu oru pattu paditu mudinga epothum

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