MIND BLOWING Veganized STEAKHOUSE Recipes – Quick + Easy

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25 Responses

  1. M Yt says:

    Love this video. So excited for the rest of the series!

  2. Trixie Rose says:

    Hey Nikki, I purchased your breakfast book back when it first came out, went to open it today & for some reason it won't open??? If you want I could email me you it. Thanks!

  3. N Joy says:

    Oh yummm!! I'm drooling! Can't wait for your other videos!

  4. Thanks again Nicole. Yummy, easy & cost effective ❤️

  5. Very cool series Nikki! This recipe looks yummy!

  6. YES YES YES and YES! Thank you so much for this video and I can't wait to make this!!!! You're amazing! 🙌🏽

  7. Your videos are my absolute favorite!! You are so genuine and your recipes are creative and original. Thank you for sharing with us! ❤

  8. This looks so yummy!! I love salad and my favorite is watermelon feta!!

  9. I LOVE this new series. I’m so excited to see all your creations!! 😍❤️ XOX

  10. I’ve been subscribed to Dani for 1 1/2-2 years and I’ve seen your taste tests with her, yet I had never subscribed to you. Your name/video would pop up here & there and I would watch, but still didn’t subscribe. Don’t know what I was thinking, or not thinking. Lol! Anyway I’ve been subscribed for a few months now, and I’m totally binge watching your videos. I love them! Incredible! I’ve gotten so many great ideas from them. The salad trick with breaking up the leaves smaller, massaging kale beforehand. Yes, I went from not being a big kale fan to loving it! I also don’t care for raw veggies, but roasting them, omg so good!Thank you so much for all the inspiration! I’m glad you’re in Southern California too as I live out here & love finding YouTubers on the west coast.

  11. I love this series idea! So cool

  12. Great video concept! And yum!

  13. Sydney Ojeda says:

    Oh my goodness, this looks AMAZING Nikki! 😍 I can’t wait to make this! I will probably make this with shredded kale as I unfortunately don’t like arugula! So jealous of everyone that likes it!! Hahaha xxx

  14. I want to make this so bad!!! Yummy!

  15. KTKABOOM says:

    That looks AMAZING!!!

  16. YES! Can't wait for this series. Go to vegan culinary school girllll, i think that's a thing!

  17. Kayla Cherry says:

    You're a wizard Nikki 😍

  18. How are you so amazing?

  19. That looks delicious! BTW I found a fabulous vegan wine called Femina by Doulofakis. Yes it's Greek, and not exactly cheap. It was $16.99 at mit Co-op.

  20. licks the screen Fresh herbs are my favorite ingredient in any dish. They make everything fresher. Super excited for this series💚💚

  21. I'm definitely going to try those pickled red onions!

  22. It looks fabulous, bet it tastes great too! 👏🏻🤤


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