Easy to make Recipes for Valentine’s Day

The best Valentine’s Day tipid tip: COOK AT HOME! I made my Top 5 list of easy to make recipes that you should cook this Valentine’s Day. Check out some wine pairing along with my suggested recipes

Kinilaw: Chenin Blanc or Petit Manseng
Where to get it: https://winery.ph/products/all-saints-chenin-blanc-2016 / https://winery.ph/products/chrismont-petit-manseng-2012

Calumpit Longganisa Rigatoni: Sangiovese/ Barbera
Where to get it: https://winery.ph/collections/types?q=Red%20Wine

Beef Salpicao: Tempranillo
Where to get it: https://winery.ph/collections/types?q=Red%20Wine

Sangria: Rose
Where to get it: https://winery.ph/products/pizzini-rosetta-2015

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2 Responses

  1. Jheison Deg says:

    Salamat Chef! :3 you'r the best

  2. komikero says:

    5K per plate? But Chris… where did you choose to eat? I think going out is still good because sometimes that's part of the fun, but I think something more sensible would be in order.

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