4 Easy Recipes To Help You Go Vegan

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44 Responses

  1. Or you could just go eat some Oreos

  2. Guard _153 says:

    Vegan that doesn’t exist

  3. Moon Palette says:

    That tofu breakfast sandwich looks amazing…

  4. “Vegans are hateful towards meat eaters” have you seen these comments😂

  5. Night Angel says:

    All sugars aren't vegan friendly. Some contain bone marrow.
    Note: I don't care if you're vegan or not. I'm just making a statement.

  6. Night Angel says:

    I doubt the tofu tastes like eggs. Maybe seasoned, maybe flavorful, but not eggs. I thought you had to add black salt to give it that egg-y flavor?

  7. YOU will NOT convert me!

  8. collarmole says:

    1:10 shameless self-advertisement.

  9. Why does every meat eater get so trigger over this. Aren’t vegans supposed to be the triggered ones. Not every vegan recipe is a threat to your life goddamn.

  10. Liz says:

    I’m never going to be vegan, but definitely have cut down my meat consumption and plan on cutting more out.

  11. collarmole says:

    I'm in love with pasta.

  12. Thank you guys sooo much for these videos!!! I'm slowly making my way into the vegan lifestyle and these have been a huge help 🙂

  13. VEGAN 👇 KETO ☝💪

  14. machyne82 says:

    Vegans, destroying good health scenes Ellen G White.

  15. Carlos DCF says:

    This music is a evil copy of latin flute from deodato, be more original pls

  16. Me Me says:

    Also Tasty could you create a playlist for the vegan week recipes? 🙂

  17. Randy HD says:

    Vegan dark chocolate?! Tf. Isn’t dark chocolate vegan already???

  18. my family is full of meat eaters so I’m literally scared to come out and say I wanna try being vegan 😭

  19. This isnt foooooood 😭

  20. When you’re early but don’t know what to comment😂………

  21. Me Me says:

    That Mac and cheese w all those cashews I’d bet has more fat than real cheese (not that it really matters because can’t eat cheese)

  22. Sean Gomez says:

    Never help anyone go vegan

  23. ChesireHeart says:

    does anyone truly want to go vegan

  24. Dominic D says:

    Nope, I’m skipping this video.

  25. Guys, vegans are 0.5% of the population!!! The complainers are mostly fake accounts. Just deal with it, you are getting more hate by doing all these vegan videos than not! WE WANT NORMAL FOOD

    And also, how about vegetarian instead? I’m not vegetarian, but I’m thinking of eating a bit less meat and even go without for a week for fun and to see what it’s like, just title it vegetarian sometimes….

  26. Jesus stop trying to make me vegan. I eat meat for fucks sake. I'm not going to change that.

  27. Sometimes I wonder if Tasty actually uses vegan ingredients, like vegan bbq sauce. For all we know, they could be using the regular non-vegan version and be thinking “it’s just a video, they’re not going to know anyway!” Lol

  28. oso Panda says:

    1:52 vegan mayoketchup im dying😂😂 let me get some sorullos for this😂

  29. Thanks for doing videos like these for new vegans!

  30. Trololol Guy says:

    Fuck vegan. Vegan is the worst

  31. 😥 🤗 SURPRISE is waiting for youWhen you REPLY to this comment 🤗 😾

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