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  1. ‘Take it easy Diana, there’s kids on the trail’ 💀😂 it’s always Jose with his jokes and Diana with her award 🥇 winning dancing 😂 always love watching your vlogs 😭👏

  2. Helen Marie says:

    I go hiking there all the time. I live 5 minutes away. Check out Hermit falls.

  3. This actually made me wanna go on a hike lol. The spaghetti really looked yummy.

  4. Esther fdez says:

    Jose always so serious he cracks me up 🤣

  5. you guys are so funny 😂

  6. Your dinner looked bomb!!!

  7. I died omg JOSE DID IT AGAIN HIS LITTLE COMMENTS CRACK ME UP, you guys are honestly goals

  8. Sara Crave says:

    Saw Black Panther on Friday- I'M SHOOK. WAKANDA FOR-FREAKING-EVER FAM! Seriously, those female warriors though… ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Especially the fact that the women warriors were the ones who continued to stay loyal to Wakanda and were the ones the audience was encouraged to cheer on- super amazing thing of Marvel to include!

  9. OMG "Consistency". LOLOLOL. Dianna, you are so cute when you dance

  10. Loved this vlog! You are amazing

  11. Yum that breakfast made me hungry!!!! I like ordering pancakes and bacon 👍🏻 sending love from Corpus Christi Texas 💛

  12. Sara Crave says:

    Question!! How do you feel about athletic brand clashing? Like, wearing Adidas leggings with nike shoes? I know it bothers some people a TON, so I'm just curious!

  13. Yaz Gonzalez says:

    Jose is always so funny! 😅

  14. The waterfall looks so beautiful and peaceful 🙂 enjoying your channel

  15. Kat 0126 says:

    Love the nature tripping! 😘

  16. Hahaha watched black panther today! 😂 it was sooooo good. I wanna go hiking there 😍

  17. Left me laughing at the end. 😂😂😊

  18. The consistency just isn't there!! lmaooooo pmg i died you guys are great!!!

  19. Y'all are the best. I love watching u two.

  20. Evelyn Rojo says:

    Love watching you guys,😍
    Eaton canyon in Pasadena.❤️

  21. lol you've been chopped 😂 love your necklace, soo pretty

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