3 Healthy Breakfast Wraps | Better Breakfasts

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  1. Lulu Bueno says:

    Please go to this channel please, it has truly been a blessing for my life and it can be for yours as well.It will change your life https://m.youtube.com/user/reviveourhearts

  2. Ze Moch says:

    I grew up with my eggs being brown, so it's been weird being older and seeing people not have any brown in their eggs.

  3. All three look absolutely delish!

  4. Wow I’m early. They all look delish but the spinach artichoke is really calling to me

  5. Great video, could you show some frosting recipes in a future video

  6. I think te real question is: how do you correctly fold a wrap so it won't leak

  7. Aimee K. says:

    After-school snack?

  8. Senu A. says:

    I love brown eggs thoughπŸ€”

  9. Yei!!😍VEGAN😍😍😍

  10. Congratulations on 1m subscribers πŸ’—

  11. Plz collab with Rosanna Pansino 😘

  12. Nada Hatem says:

    First comment 😍 I like your videos

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