7 Recipes You Can Make In 5 Minutes

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27 Responses

  1. Do many reused clips

  2. I've seen that mac and cheese one so many times already

  3. ShortJimin says:

    I'm Poor😂So I Don't Have That Ingredients

  4. geekdiggy says:

    you could also call this video "microwave cuisine for the single and un-motivated"

  5. Zetraxes says:

    Yea i wanna see that that he heats up the oil fries those morzeralla stick including the preparation and stuff in 5 min flat fucking delusional hahaha

  6. Why do tasty vids always show up in my recommended late at night? Then I’m hungry and I can’t do shit about it….

  7. 7 Recipes you can make in 5 minutes (after the prep, shopping, and failing.)

  8. Sachiko Yume says:

    Now I can make food so I'm less hungry yay

  9. SirSaturn says:

    3:30 Also known as a muglet or an omelug

    Like if you get the reference

  10. pandabear181 says:

    That music is absolutely horrible.

  11. charlie. says:

    I finally have a use for my leftover rotisserie chicken.

  12. I’d love to try these but I don’t have a microwave

  13. The thing is I don't have a microwave

  14. eske tit says:

    I can't even make this…

  15. When the video takes less than 5 minutes

  16. Sahar Kandi says:

    Who tf heats up pico de gallo

  17. DeezyE says:

    I don’t have a fast forward in my kitchen 🙁

  18. UNIVERSE says:

    More like: ready in 5 min after 3 years of practice😂

  19. Don't microwave tortillas you heathens

  20. h. kay says:

    the only things from here that i have are a bottle of bbq and milk. what can i make with that

  21. Alpaca Guy says:

    Wish I had a microwave but I'm poor 🙁

  22. Cooking most things in a microwave usually gives bad results.
    Omlette in microwave ain't gonna work. Same for the tortilla chips – they're gonna go soft/soggy..

  23. Anna annA says:

    Lol macaroni takes way longer than 2-3 minutes this is stupid. Unless you want it really hard!

  24. Ruikin X says:

    me collecting ingrediants in 10 minutes

  25. Shreyas says:

    hi what macaroni did u use my one took 15 mins to microwave and i got sad 🙁

  26. lanie hood says:

    half of this video is recycled from the dorm room food video.

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