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Hello friends!! Indian dinner routine needs some change time to time to keep our taste buds happy. So I am preparing Chinese dishes tonight to have a different taste. I hope you will like my recipe.

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7 Responses

  1. malukuttyy says:

    Which lipstick are you wearing

  2. Sotti maid er ek obostha sob jaigai..manali is so sweet

  3. Taufiq Shaik says:

    Masha allah manali boht pyari lagrahi hai nice vlog dii

  4. Asif Zaman says:

    Or aap ka dress bhot achcha lag rahai hai.very nice.

  5. Asif Zaman says:

    Aap aapny bhalo ko kyun cuting krwa thi hai.aap py lamby bhaal bhot achchy lag thy hai.matlab na ziyedha lamby or na ziyedha choty.bas darmeyeny bhaal rakhai.

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