Rice & Carrot Kheer | Shilpa Shetty Kundra | Payasa | Healthy Recipes |  The Art Of Loving Food

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25 Responses

  1. Subhamay Jha says:

    Your food recipes are always nice. Please you send me how to make Moglai Paratha and Pancakes. And I know it will nice like other foods

  2. sehar s says:

    Too over the top

  3. June Rasheed says:

    Great Recipe . Thank You . 👍

  4. Is Junaid says:

    Shilpa buty queen 👸🏻
    Love from KSA❤️

  5. Pinky 2015 says:

    Very nice nd lovely

  6. Which brand ghee do u use mam?

  7. YOOHOO ! says:

    Your content is good but too much overacting spoils the video

  8. I am your biggest fan shilpa mam

  9. Your all recipes are so nice

  10. can we add coconut milk instead of cow milk??

  11. Hey Shilpa… could you guide me on what semi solid food could be given to 6 month old baby … Thank you

  12. Sunita Mehra says:

    Simple n sweet just like you👍

  13. Zari R says:

    Hi Shilpa Madame. This recipe already exists. It is called Gajrela. We make it in Pakistan. But I like your healthy version too. Love u loads xx

  14. urmie G says:

    Nice receipe mam

  15. Hlo mam I am your youngest fan. following u actually Thanking u for such nice videos mam pls pls make a video on diet foods plan for teens my Small request and Lot's of luv to you.

  16. Lavina K says:

    Can u pls try traditional cooking way

  17. ROSY SINGH says:

    😊😊😊loved it ….

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