My FAVE 3 Healthy Recipes!

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47 Responses

  1. This song sounds so familiar? Was it in the movie HER??

  2. Kendal Marie says:

    Please make a cooking channel!

  3. Slugbug says:

    I’m watching a bunch of your food videos at 3:00 in the morning. It’s making me so hungry! Looks so good!

  4. abzster53 says:

    always love your reactions when you taste the food! lol also, I am now getting hungry and I had dinner 2 hrs ago lol

  5. All of the recipes look so good. Thanks for sharing them with us.

  6. Kera Deakins says:

    I was one of those people that wanted your reactions back XD live for ittt.
    PS my bf was in Trader Joe’s with me and he’s all “dan loves these we have to get it!” Hahahah you guys are awesome

  7. You should make a cook book 🤗

  8. DKM Skincare says:

    Yuuuummmm! That flatbread/pizza is on my agenda! Nikki, you gotta get a onion chopper for veggies…life changing!

  9. Kate Pace says:

    Love the recipes though the music reminds me of creepy pasta videos 😹

  10. Is anyone else triggered by the way the garlic looks with the top cup off?? The was it looks like little holes omg cringeeeeeee I cannot

  11. starrypunk20 says:

    Your reactions when you take a bite of your food kills me hahah you’re the cutest thing ever 👸🏻❤️

  12. Your reaction to every meal is the same. I live for it. Just means ALL the food you make is delicious!!

  13. nooorahhh says:

    EVERYTHING she makes looks epic. mah gawd

  14. My absolute favorite videos from you!! <3 Your such a good cook haha! I need to step up my game lol

  15. misskellie2 says:

    Yay! I'm so excited for your blog! Love all your recipes! 😍

  16. Carrie Kerr says:

    Everything looks so good! Yum yum yum!

  17. I wouldn’t put eggs in a “healthy” recipe video considering they’re a group one carcinogen…same group as cigarettes

  18. At Tiffany's says:

    These recipes look so good! You could also do your eggs in muffin tins with the veggies!

  19. Aggie2309 says:

    haha you have the same reaction in every recipe video when you try it: you shake your head, roll your eyes to the sky and say "oh my gosh guys this is so good you have to try it"

  20. CaliCookie says:

    The background music doesn’t match. It’s depressing.

  21. Shay Clemons says:

    My mouth is watering lol 🤤 I can’t wait to try your recipes!

  22. Kim Knows says:

    Those all look so delicious!

  23. Girl, how do you cut jalapeno without the burn?!!

  24. JoelySker says:

    lovely video.. please follow me on Instagram… all support appriecated! London- blogger @joelymarilyn

  25. Ivy Garcia says:

    love these!!! one of my favorite cooking videos. must make more!

  26. areyoupink says:

    Hi, these look amazing! But I didn't see how much broth to use on the recipe. Do you have an estimate for that? Thanks!!

  27. Celimene says:

    "Healthy" is really a undefined word. I would not qualify eggs and cheese as healthy, but otherwise…

  28. Zaria B says:

    The background music reminds me of the game Animal Crossing late at night

  29. YOUR cooking vids are the best on youtube.

  30. Skyler Derai says:

    this looks so yummy. made me hungry lol. your reactions when you taste the food is like one of my favorite parts 😂

  31. JenniK2611 says:

    Love the recipes- and that your Blog is up! 💛💛

  32. Just wondering… do u wash ur veg?

  33. Ahhh! Love, love, love when you do recipe vids!

  34. Cicily Ly says:

    Where do you get the vegetable broth seasoning?

  35. Sarah Veley says:

    Yes i missed these videos!!!! Can i just say i wish you were my friend lmao

  36. u know what? i always loved ur video ❤❤❤

  37. gabs98xo says:

    love these, i wanna try the soup!! did you ever try putting a balsamic glaze on the flatbread? it tastes sooo much better than regular balsamic vinaigrette!

  38. olivia e says:

    When your dog barked when u tasted the soup😂😂😂 he wanted some

  39. Eating lunch while watching this! 😍 thanks for the video.

  40. Fun suggestion: Dan could taste the food on camera too 😄

  41. Quelina F says:

    Don’t you love when the cook in the show tastes the food and makes those faces and sounds? like yes my mouth is watering already so do make it even worse for me when I can’t even taste it 😂😂😂

  42. Looks soooo Good!!😍

  43. E Harg says:

    I have been loving all of your recipe videos. Not enough healthy vegetarian videos out there! 👌🏻😊

  44. Alexia says:

    I'm so hungry right now! I always make the mistake to watch your cooking videos without at least a snack :p

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