Salmon Tartare | DIY Easy Recipe

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29 Responses

  1. Nang says:

    Looks so simple! I may try to makes these today. Please make shumai dumpling next. ☺

  2. That dish looks really good. Hope you and your cameraman have a good afternoon, Chef Hiro.

  3. Avi Bonn says:

    Looks awesome and I'd love to make it, but where do you get sushi grade salmon?

  4. I caught myself chewing with Chef Hiro. Lol. That looks really good. Take care:)

  5. Gyan Lama says:

    Good afternoon chef from dubai i just make same dish to try me and my restaurent friend and it was delicious look attractive cucumber slice was the best presentation.

  6. Gadgetbig says:

    Another great video guys

  7. Yung Peel says:

    Do you ever get tired of the "good afternoon" meme?

  8. Dane Stewart says:

    Beautiful dish Hiro… are one of my all time favorite chefs!!!!

  9. Looks so gooooodddd!

  10. Scottie 15 says:

    Looks like hairy nipples

  11. Lol im so early Hiro even said "good morning".

  12. osbert says:

    No way to get masago here, so I'd have to substitute for tobiko, looks delicious though! I usually just add a little teriyaki sauce to diced salmon and spring onions when mixing for a sweeter flavour and served on rice. I'll have to try it like this, thanks!

  13. Good One says:

    IM EARLY MOTHAFACKAS Been here since 10 views and 1 like😎

  14. Good One says:

    Good afternoon!!! Nice. 👍👍👍

  15. Yo Spectre says:

    Don't eat farm the moust toxic meat in the world….look for wild salmon

  16. Star Rex says:

    OOSHI Japanese cookies.

  17. Sup Bitch says:

    IM EARLY MOTHAFACKAS Been here since 50 views and 12 like😎

  18. Good afternoon!!! Nice.

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