Super Easy Recipe: Stir Fried Fish with Ginger & Spring Onion 姜葱鱼片

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  1. Francis Lim says:

    To counter fishy taste,milk,rice water,Japanese sake are good choice alternatives,spices like curry powder,turmeric are great too,to produce very tender and succulent fish meat,try cooking on very gentle fire,once cook,place them on the serving plate,do not cook them again instead just pour your prepared gravies with your spring onion over it,pour some boiling oil or a dash of sesame oil,this way your presentation looks professional.

  2. Healthy and yummy….

  3. Trudy Farnum says:

    as always….it looks amazing!….Kudos!

  4. Nice and healthy… Yummy..

  5. Erika Groote says:

    oooh another perfect dish for me to try!

  6. Shirley Chan says:

    Hi, can i replace chicken stock powder with any other substitute?

  7. Lilian Hoh says:

    Why not blanch the fish in oil first? I thought they Normally they do that so the fish won't break up so easily.

  8. Ha..nice to see u Sir..nice recipe..tq

  9. Kay says:

    love this healthier version💕

  10. A G says:

    Yummy when eaten with some green pickled green chilies! 😋 Toman fish is farm-bred and has an earthy taste. Not a fan of it. I have thrown away my old non-stick pans and gave away my brand new nonstick wok. Don't want to risk eating Teflon since I'm really clumsy when it comes to handling delicate cookware! 😨

  11. deerpark says:

    I love how you cooked a healthy version. I am excited to try this!

  12. Lorelai says:

    I thought u were a lot younger. Like in ur 20's.

  13. NICE! i can eat this all day! hahaha

  14. JamieeTann says:

    Hi! I wanna ask if it is necessary to coat the fish with the corn flour? Could i omit that step?

  15. Roslan Ahmad says:

    Great video.always enjoyed watching ur recipes.majority of bald guys can cook tat include me.hahahhaa…

  16. Kenny Rogers says:

    Good morning!! Mmmmm… Ginger flavour smells great!! That taste so delicious and yumny dish!! So good to try that!! Great recipe!! See u anytime!!

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