My EAT CLEAN Meal Plan (Full Recipes)

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  1. sebson pol says:

    i can change milk soy for coconut milk? (2:46)

  2. Impressive video after video young lady

  3. Roohi Faraz says:

    Guess she loves goji berries cause it's always there in her plate

  4. Shelia Chase says:

    Right after my colleague explained to me about the diet program “lyly amazing guide”, I explored on Google and when I found that, I lost more than 16 pounds in just a couple of weeks. I’d recommend this plan to everyone who’s seeking for a really effective plan.

  5. love the butter beans, carrot & onion soup!

  6. Aluminium foil is dangerous.

  7. this is my fav channel

  8. Lucy Fry says:

    My cousin shared with me about the “lyly amazing guide” (Google it). This is a weight loss plan that really works. At first I was a bit skeptical but also in 2 weeks I’ve already lost over 14 pounds. Anyone who wishes to eliminate some serious fat without doing harm to the body simply has to try “lyly amazing guide”. Google it today!

  9. Hai joanna can we consume green tea in empty stomach? When I Google it I got the answer .'No'

  10. Miss Cookie says:

    Love you so much girl! You are my fitness guru! <3

  11. Hula Girl says:

    Thank you Joanna! I appreciate that you are honest about who you are. So many people say they are a doctor thinking they are medical but they are not. You are honest. You trustful and well balanced. Thank you.

  12. David S. says:

    You didn't go to work, hun?

  13. melahi7 says:

    This is great for someone who doesn't have a job.

  14. Is there any specific green tea brand that you like?

  15. Sigmunda - says:

    I really like your videos. I want to stay very healthy as well, but at the same time I want to gain weight, I need to gain around 9 kilos to be in a normal weight for my length. I've found it really difficult to find healthy food that is easy to prepare and contains a lot of calories. Yes nuts for example do the job, but I don't always feel like eating nuts or eating a lot of it. I neither like meat.

  16. I can tell that Joanna knows her stuff, because the people that fake it lack the depth of knowledge that only experience can bring. For example, she stated that our bodies are most ready to absorb nutrients after working out. This is wisdom that most people aren't aware of. The advice about consuming a glass of water upon rising in the morning is spot on advice, because this hydrates your body and helps you from overeating. One thing that I'd recommend is to wait 45 minutes after you drink your water to eat, so that you don't wash away your digestive enzymes, and wait 45 minutes after you eat before drinking liquids for the very same reason. Keep up the good work Joanna!

  17. Lena Barber says:

    Due to a friend, I searched Google for the “lyly amazing guide”. It’s absolutely the best program and the best deal I’ve ever previously seen. This quickly brings incredible results to users. I’ve already slipped 13 pounds in less than 7 days.

  18. That goods foods plan

  19. Das Hexxchen says:

    It's funny how most YT health people have all the time to cook and eat at home.

    But actually it is much harder too keep clean that way. Too much choice. If you fix your lunch beforehad you ea it.

  20. Sandi Small says:

    Where do you find the time?

  21. 🌺Great video! Can't wait to see more!

  22. Anna Mace says:

    I love how you give formulas rather than just the recipes by themselves because it makes it so easy to remember a formula and substitute things 🙂 Thanks for the videos!

  23. Clair Duffy says:

    Not stopping dairy. Ever. need the calcium.

  24. Imagine It says:

    Thank u so helpful

  25. I love your video. I especially like the large lunch that was under 300 calories!!! I have to follow you!!!!

  26. Alessa G says:

    I'm curious how you make your hot chocolate…? I try to make my own with unsweetened cocoa and add my own sweetener.

  27. i subscribed your channel

  28. Crispy C says:

    Can't believe I just now have found this YouTube channel, it's awesome!!

  29. 지징야 says:

    Hello are you korean????

  30. I love the way you explain your simple process. It's easy enough for even me to do. Thank you!

  31. Do you have cook book ?

  32. Mark Walters says:

    The Veterans Administration in the US told me I was 25 pounds overweight and malnourished with high cholesterol. You're my coach now. Thank U.

  33. Ka Phong says:

    I love goji berries… they taste like strawberry shoelaces to me haha

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