5 Things… Quick and Easy

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30 Responses

  1. Susan Palmer says:

    You're the great chef in the world , we love u ,Jamie

  2. Angel Olivas says:

    Everything goes well until he uses a seasoning i have no idea where to get. God damn harissa.

  3. James B. says:

    The thing that amazed me most was how Jamie's hair colour kept changing…….. 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  4. JAMIE I LOVE U! tried all five of them <3 they are delicious

  5. If only there was a book I could buy full of recipes like this lol.

  6. A chef getting lentils from a bag? Ridiculous!

  7. climid says:

    Jamie this is by far my favourite of your books! It's really simplified my cooking schedual and shopping list. Best recipe in the book has got to be the chicken pie.

  8. easy ? THAT IS WHAT U CALLED U EASY ? i cant crack an egg properly !

  9. Sempastian says:

    I can assume you are shopping from Lidl?!

  10. Ronaldo Roda says:

    where is the chain of restaurants ??????

  11. Im going to have to try that cod and pancetta dish… oh my <3

  12. Tentacular says:

    I want to LIVE inside this video.

  13. i love the way jamie acts while cooking. its as if he is working on a magic spell

  14. You are the best.
    in the world we love you
    Jamie oliver

  15. aurélie says:


  16. I loved the book and I use it at least 3 times a week! Fantastic! Highly recommended

  17. Good to see you're still pumping out the beatiful recipes Jamie.

  18. Already thinking how I can make these ideas vegan! Thanks for inspiration Jamie! ⭐️


  20. Making the first dish in CHEAT DAY, babay!

  21. Sarge Scum says:

    Eggs come cooked to perfection guys… Gordon Ramsey's voice… I see what he did there

  22. Watched all your episodes even if i dont live in the UK >< 🙂

  23. Keviniiiiii says:

    Hello my name is NIIIIINOOO

    Oh wait wrong channel

  24. avalon449 says:

    Wow, really dying that hair dark.

  25. Just gained a kilo just watching this. Worth it. Would do again.

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