4 Easy & Healthy Meal Prep Breakfasts

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25 Responses

  1. Kat says:

    I hate how she's always correcting his pronunciation.. damn typical American move

  2. Alley Morton says:

    Whoooaaa! Im making those pancakes tonight for dinner! Those look so easy!

  3. Ivan Ivanov says:

    damn, your servings are so small!

  4. I'm definitely making these pancakes tomorrow. Thanks, guys!

  5. Yum, yum, yum, and yum!

  6. Like your videos. keep the good work

  7. Ach Hadda says:

    Wait you are making this outside?

  8. I do the egg muffins all the time – so easy and delicious! Thanks guys and…namasté. 😊

  9. Definitely doing the egg muffins & pancakes. Yummm!

  10. I already know those 4 breakfast recipes and I've done all of em ! 🙂

  11. Breakfasts are my favorite foods lol

  12. Daniel P says:

    I can eat those for breakfast!!

  13. This is awesome guys, love from Brunei

  14. Project 350z says:

    These look delicious guys! Gonna try these out!

  15. The pancake recipe is one of my favorites for sure. 😋

  16. Jason Bean says:

    Now I'm going home to put together my canned pineapple with my fresh strawberries. Plant City. Florida, y'all!:)

  17. bookworm598 says:

    These recipes all look so delicious! I'm very excited to try the pancakes they look beautiful!

  18. Victoria says:

    Notification Squad : ) I have made the granola before it's really good with some greek yogurt. I just got a hot logic mini so I might try the egg muffins finally <3 my microwave at work destroys my egg meal preps bleh

  19. KathehFIT says:

    I done egg muffins before and pant cake/waffle more like it. I will try the granola and chia pudding !

  20. Akshay Raja says:

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I'm glad I've interesting recipes from my fav fit couple 😊

  21. tvguyau says:

    This is so cool. Nothing better than great easy breakfast meal prep. Keep up the great work. 4am Aussie notification club here

  22. KathehFIT says:

    Ayyy notification squad

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