What I Ate Today + New Favorite Breakfast Recipe

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30 Responses

  1. LivingVegan says:

    Loved this video! <3 Enjoy Hawaii! 🙂

  2. Kathleen B says:

    Amazing as always. You have great videos with yummy recipes, helpful tips and hacks, and the sound component is great…crystal clear. You get right into the topic and demo of the day which is greatly appreciated. Others could take lessons from you. Thanks for all your hard work and just a side note….love your glasses.

  3. you're makeup looked so flawless !

  4. Ladina Cruz says:

    FINALLY a vegan YouTuber I’ve seen who enjoys a good ol IPA 😛🙋🏼‍♀️ right there with you girl! Absolutely love your videos!

  5. Kris Q says:

    You drink beer and watch Blackish! That’s so awesome. Love your vids!. Showing how easy vegan eating can be.

  6. what celebrity was that? looked familiar but idk i am so not good with knowing celebrities lol

  7. Would love to see you recreate the taco salad. Love your channel!

  8. Dee Estrada says:

    Yes to a similar taco salad recipe!

  9. I would love for prevent cruelty to come to Florida!

  10. Nivia says:

    I literally spent all doing organic chemistry homework and I feel so so relieved to be watching this. Tbh this was relaxing. I know, weird.

  11. Erin Nicole says:

    You’re one of my faves❤️

  12. Great idea. I love lemon pepper.

  13. minekosann says:

    Always thank you for the tip!
    I'm purchasing it by listening to impressions about the new products etc. "

  14. jholmie says:

    yumm! i love wedge cut cucumbers too!! 😂

  15. Paula Swain says:

    Taco salad share and tell us about jack fruit and how to use it, please

  16. Jenna Hurley says:

    Love your hair this color ❤️

  17. little lonny says:

    So happy about this upload 🙈 I posted a what I eat video today as well. If someone is interested, you should definitely check it out. 🌼🌿

  18. Yes to the taco salad😊

  19. I’d love if you recreated that vegan taco salad recipe that you ate for lunch in this vid! Xx

  20. Would love to see you recreate that salad. Looks delicious!

  21. Would love to see you recreate the salad!

  22. I loved this Video👍 & I love 'Blackish' 😂😂👍 So much in common no wonder y I subscribe to You! I Loved the Sweet Potato Brownies Recipe 👍👍😍💯😜🍭🍓

  23. sun shine says:

    As you were speaking about prevent cruelty California I was hoping I could sign. The second you said we could I instantly went and did it. Now back to your video.

  24. I love you videos! And I love the Vegan View show too! You are great!

  25. KJ says:

    Nikki love your videos. your hair is looking amazing 💕

  26. liz not slow says:

    Also, I think the thumbnail you grabbed for the cover was mid transition in that rotating clock spin, so I there's a sliver of the previous screen visible. It's not really a problem, but I thought I would let you know! 😊 Otherwise perfect video!! 👍👍

  27. liz not slow says:

    We like to add Trader Joe's everything but the bagel seasoning on cucumbers. So salty and crunchy and refreshing!

  28. Fun and informative!

  29. Y-ai Chan says:

    NICE HAIR CUT ! ^_^

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