Day in My Life // Farm to Table Lunch!

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14 Responses

  1. You did good to not film in her house our of respect and I find that super cool 🙂
    Like always, you rock!
    PS: I love my new shirt from your site (the vegetable V)

  2. YOLO! Discard any negative comments. Life’s too short enjoy your time traveling.

  3. Cecilia O says:

    you're so cute ☺️😍 love your channel!

  4. there is nothing vegan about israel

  5. I love you, Caitlin! You are my fav vegan inspiration.

  6. Elena J says:

    Go vegan everyone! It has never been easier to be vegan! You've got nothing to lose if you try it 🙂

  7. I should know by now to not watch your videos when I haven't eaten yet haha the food always looks so amazing!!! Thank you for sharing your wonderful experience with us 🙂

  8. Bin Tipper says:

    I take you at your word, however it is impossible to promote the State of Israel in a non-political way. Celebrating the supposed progressive aspects of Israel without also criticizing their settler-colonial policies is effectively whitewashing (in this case "veganwashing") the Israeli occupation and apartheid against the indigenous Palestinians.💚✊

  9. Ally Edwards says:

    Looks sooo good!!!

  10. I just turned vegetarian like two weeks ago but your videos make me want to go vegan.

  11. Wow that looks awesome!

  12. Emily Nelson says:

    I just made your chili from pintrest!!!🥑🍜

  13. Veggie Mom says:

    💞 love your videos

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