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  1. Hey my friends!! My new guide is launching next Thursday on my website so get ready for the next video where I’ll show you everything you need to know, a sample workout, FAQs, where to buy as well as discounts for those who have already bought Move. and lots of giveaways!! Love ya!! Xxxx

  2. Your natural hair texture is gorgeous!

  3. Are you eating the same even when not training ?

  4. Rita F. says:

    where are your pants from? so pretty

  5. OMG that salad looked absolutely delicious!

  6. Kelly H says:

    Love these recipe videos! Please make more of these! I love cooking and I'm trying to eat healthier and just seeing how delicious the meals you make look is totally inspiring! So hungry now! And omg that Grace Lemon flapjack thing sounds so yummy!🤤😋

  7. Nina Hudson says:

    you always have the best music in your videos!

  8. Hannah Lucxk says:

    That cous cous can't wait to make some now 😻

  9. Mara S. says:

    just wanted to say how much of an inspiration you are to me! I was really stuck in a mindset of eating like three chickpeas a day and overtraining and have just been feeling all around awful about myself because I could just never find the right balance. I've been binge watching all of your videos today because they make me feel as though I'll be able to get to where you are eventually and that would be a dream come true!

    Thank you so much for taking the time to film, edit and inform us real life people out here. you're the best, merci merci merci! <3

  10. Lilly Pandis says:

    You’re so fun, I love watching your videos!! Keep it up girl, you’re an inspiration to all of us 💪🏼❤️

  11. Great vlog as always!👊😍

  12. I love your videos so so much Natacha 😍

  13. I only found your channel recently as I'm starting to go to the gym again so was looking for tips! I want to get fit and healthy and keep on this new lifestyle for good as I feel so much better in myself! You videos are SO helpful so thanks so much for taking time out of your day to help us newbies! Xx

  14. Idaad01 says:

    Omg that bread looks soooooo good!!!!

  15. adelaide92 says:

    I want to know how you went in the movie! I can't watch horror either 😳

  16. I still don't understand how this channel doesn't have more subscribers! You are literally the sweetest person and are so inspiring. You put so much work into your videos and it really shows! 💓💓

  17. T Delia says:

    Regarding fitness, eating an restricting .. finally found joy in food again. After I started gaining musle .. totally panicked .. then i found your channel 😃 you're an inspiration girl and your positive vibe makes my day 😸

  18. Sarah1234 says:

    This may sound like a stupid question… probably is but how is breakfast that much protein. Apart from the egg where else is the protein coming from?
    Eggs are usually on average 6g of protein but you only used one. How can Breakfast be 22g of protein. Thanks xx

  19. So cool to see you at Joe and the Juice – I love that place! Went there twice while in Iceland this last December. Great video as always and I can't wait for the new fitness guide!

  20. Yiu Ma says:

    you're such a fucking inspiration 😭😭

  21. Amy Nagorcka says:

    Thanks so much for the great recipes! They look delicious 😋 and quick and easy. I’ll have to look into some snack subscriptions over here in Australia.

  22. Some gorgeous recipes in here – totally with you on the Graze flapjack addiction btw!

  23. Eden Bowyer says:

    the quality of your videos is impeccable, big love x

  24. Gigi Wills says:

    You are by far my favourite YouTuber! You inspire me so much with your training and I love your approach to food and fitness x

  25. birtewee says:

    Try to slice your bread laying it upside down. You can slice it much easier!
    Greets from Germany!
    I really Love your Videos ♥️♥️

  26. Saykon Dee says:

    cant wait to hear about the new guide!!! i am loving the MOVE program so far and i cant wait to continue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!

  27. Oh no!!!
    I didn’t know that you’d uploaded!
    Loving this so far Natacha!💞
    I absolutely LOVED your Meat-free bolognese from the budget recipe video!
    I’ve never tried Graze, I think I’ll be trying them out this month!

  28. Ann Xxxx says:

    You are extremely beautiful and hot in the beginning when you’re wearing those pants and black long sleeve !!

  29. Dora says:

    Your hair was so pretty in this video! 😍

  30. ah you look so beautiful! P.s your videography is actual GOALS

  31. Can you please be my personal chef? 😂😂😂

    You do have a gift! 🙂 Those foods are super delicious!! 🙂

  32. [ Kuhaku ] says:

    Everything looks delicious! Love ur videos. Keep up the good work x

  33. Hoooop hooop finally

  34. Alice Leavey says:

    Woohoo!! Another great vid! What days and times will you be at the Birmingham Gymshark pop up shop in May? Very excited about the prospect of finally meeting you as one of my fitness idols 😁 (will have my pistol squat mastered for then, promise…) 💪

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