4 Meals Anyone Can Make

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46 Responses

  1. As Nike says. JUST DO IT ✔️

  2. As Nike says. JUST DO IT ✔️

  3. Oh so even a baby can make this? It says ANYONE lmao

  4. The only thing I can cook is

    Cook down my house and Ramon

  5. Leah Keeley says:

    I fucking hate when there are kids hands in these videos

  6. “Any one I am only fucking 13”

  7. They make it seem so easy,,😂😂😂

  8. Shannen L. says:

    Can Babies Do it?

  9. Pls gimme dat mac n cheese _

  10. Duration of the video is 3.13 =22/7

  11. how to teach millenials and edgy 12 year olds to cook Italian food 101

  12. Why am I watching videos at 11 pm trying to make myself hungry, having panic! at the disco say amen stuck in my head, with one foot asleep, cold because I don’t have a blanket, trying to fall asleep?

  13. Christine says:

    B U T C A N Y O U D O T H I S ?

  14. rose clare says:


    i kinda burnt everything. >w<

  15. Yoni rev says:

    I'm allergic to milk 🙁

  16. 4 meals anyone can make….anyone with skill in cooking….

  17. Jeons Mommy says:

    But i dont have the ingredients..

  18. The music makes me so happy 😁

  19. The only one of these meals I can make is the mac n cheese omg

  20. Jenn Díaz says:

    It’s sooo funny how they call it penne so simple when in Spanish that means d*ck sorry 😐

  21. muffe55 says:

    This is some real fucking shit food with a garbage nutritional value.

  22. What is with The babies they can't do that they can't even cook so not everyone can cook these recipes

  23. John Jeffry says:

    Pasta look like Shit

  24. Steven says:

    What if we don’t have the ingredients? Have you thought of that moron?

  25. Isabella says:

    seems easy enough.. burns down the kitchen

  26. Carl Adams says:

    Can animals make it?

  27. KOOL KHANS says:

    Haters Pause for a sec and click 2:19

  28. Gtm Nayan says:

    You forgot scrambled eggs.

  29. Iman Anwar says:

    Can i get a substitute for cheddar??

  30. i once broke my microwave trying to reheat leftover mac n cheese.

  31. Clearly i only can make Cooked egg

  32. This is still to hard for my lazy butt

  33. These are perfect recipes when you just moved out

  34. I liked the mack and chees. and my sister liked the noodel one?

  35. Amy Yee says:

    You said "anyone" can do it, so I tested out with my baby cousin. My life was a lie..

  36. But yet, I would somehow mess these recipes up 😂

  37. I really loved the chicken Alfredo penne , I loved everything in this video! , all of these are cool easy recipes 😀

  38. Suzuki Rina says:

    I am going to try the fish taco.

  39. sash A says:

    Cheese on everything!

  40. it's nothing if l don't have the ingredients

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