Easy Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites! Raw Vegan Recipe!

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20 Responses

  1. Lindsey says:

    Where do you get chocolate chips with no added sugar????

  2. This is expensive, ur privileged so u don’t understand how much will this cost an average person. I would rather follow a simple healthy life style rather than torcher my self with this fully raw bullsh*t. people will label me as a hater but I’m simply saying the truth, this diet is not the healthiest or the best, good but not the best!! Vegans like to claim that their diet is the best and everybody else is wrong. Veganism is great but raw?? That’s unnecessary and torture. ✋🏻✋🏻

  3. I love you and your video's soooo much! but I wish you would go easy on the word approximately. or just drop it…. its been so long and has been repeated so many times. we understand… make the recipe our own and tailor ingredients to our tastes. i love you!!

  4. Hey Kristina! love this recipe. So talented and so good! Keep it up 😉

  5. What the hell is a heaping chunk?

  6. Queen C says:

    You're not HEALTHY ANYMORE !! The content of your videos is not promoting HEALTH it promotes DISEASE !!!! THIS is so sad remember when you promoted raw fruits and veggies you look desperate and it's obvious ALL THIS PROTEIN POWDER NONSENSE AND YOU LOOK VERY SLOPPY AND SWOLLEN IN THE FACE AND BODY! !! Go back to who you were ORIGINALLY, YOU LOOK LIKE ALL THE OTHER YOUTUBERS, THERE IS NOTHING THAT STANDS OUT OR SEPARATE YOU FROM THE REST GET IT TOGETHER! !!!

  7. Thank you Kristina✨❤️✨

  8. ana love says:

    What is the chocolate chip brand?

  9. Can I use vanilla extract instead of the vanilla powder?

  10. You were one of my inspirations to go raw vegan! I wish you would focus more on health though. I think a lot of your recipes contain too much fat and do not give the true benefits on a real raw lifestyle. I would love to see more recipes that are just fruit and vegetables.

  11. YES!!!! Thank you! I love YOU

  12. I’d love to see more strictly fruit-based recipes! No protein powders, no nuts, no fats. But thanks for sharing your wonderful recipes, as always!

  13. much love sister, thanks for this awesome recipe, take care and keep it up when/if you want:))black_heartx2*..

  14. Cosmic Mind says:

    Looks good , idk about the shredded coconut 😖but that’s coconut syrup mmm

  15. Frankie M says:

    Your ingredients aren’t cheap 😒but I still like watching your videos ☺️

  16. L CR says:

    Kristina, I’ve always loved your fully raw videos, however, this recipe is not fully raw and I won’t be making it. Please go back to how you used to make things with whole unprocessed ingredients full of health and wholesome goodness! ❤️ 🙏🏻

  17. Ha! Watching this while drinking my Illumin8 vanilla bean smoothie ☺

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