Indian Lunch Routine/ Indian Daily Lunch Routine/Simple Indian Lunch Recipes

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  1. Superb 👍
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  2. Very Nice….. All the recipes are awsome specially dal tadka.

  3. Gorgeous You says:

    So nice 👍👍I too make daal like this it tastes so good yummm 😊💜

  4. Maz Livewell says:

    Oh! That's the way to make Dal! 👍😊💖TFs! Makes me hungry 😋

  5. MumInspire says:

    Good routine!! Thanks for sharing, a big thumbs up 👍👍👍👍

  6. yummy yummy lunch 🖒thnx for watching my video

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  8. Im hungry .. hee hee …tfs 💖💖🇦🇺🇦🇺

  9. Lovely recipe, so many nice ingredients! Thumbs up =)

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  11. looking great :)like 29th

  12. This was sooooo ADORABLE!!! Your food looks sooo Delicious!
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  13. great video friend look forward to seeing more xxxx

  14. HVS 10 says:

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  17. Nice n yummy
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  18. This video is so great and so so delicious, I want to eat this right now
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    I hope you do the same 🙂
    All the best 🙂

  19. Melted TV says:

    This is a good routine

  20. Indian food are so tasty, I can't forget my visit to India how was fun

  21. Joko Agung says:

    hhmmmmm…yummy…nice video..

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  23. That food looks so delicious 😋

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