8 Onion Ring Recipes

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43 Responses

  1. When will tasty go 16:9 these side bars are killing me

  2. lil' emperor says:

    This is slightly disappointing. You guys have made videos of these all before in different series so this video, to me, is kinda dry. I think it would be better if we can get brand new videos. We community understands if ur too busy, but instead of making re uploaded videos, maybe u can tell us that u guys were too busy and will work harder on one next week

  3. nick razay says:

    what are the other two things at 00:35 besides eggs

  4. CHD SK says:

    The avocado one was the healthiest but fried stuff is still bad for u

  5. Derpy Donut says:

    i don’t like the music

  6. Korrie Rose says:

    Has anyone noticed that Tasty always has absolutely perfect avocados?

  7. Illuminating fact: you need onions to make onion rings.

  8. Misuq GT says:

    Hey you forgot about make the hole on mid rings

  9. arhab06ok says:

    Mozzarela is my fave

  10. I love ur channel……😄

  11. Onion rings are better than wedding rings.

  12. I hate onions yet i still drool while watching this video

  13. Hey can you make some more vegetarian options. Plz

  14. It annoys me you didn’t peel off the brown skin before cutting the onions

  15. Mr. Pufffish says:

    Where are the cook offs?

  16. cardinal02 says:

    Ooo….baby take off that outer skin first.

  17. Some of them weren't even rings, just call them onion patties . But looks good though.

  18. I prefer it when the onion is chopped up thinly in the onion ring

  19. ItsYuan says:

    omg whyyyy😍😭

  20. You definitely need more subscribers. Your recipes are just awesome and you'll live up to the the channels name coz your recipes taste really TASTY

  21. plush furr says:

    I LUUUUUV avocadoes

  22. plush furr says:

    Cheeseburger onion rings 😍😍😍😍😍

  23. plush furr says:

    Now I'm starving @ 2:36am

  24. I literally scoffed at the guacamole recipe because they didnt add onions then i realized theyre putting the guac in an onion 🤦‍♀️

  25. Ben PRZ says:

    why do some double the egg/bread crumbs and others no ?

  26. CeCe Goddess says:

    I started tearing up while watching this, I love onion but I hate how it burns my eyes

  27. Lirk Hulrich says:

    Some tasty recipes and some tasty background music.

  28. I mean but arent most of these kinda the same thing? Just fill the onion rings with a filling, freeze it, then batter and fry it. The bacon wrapped ones and buffalo chicken are solid tho

  29. Derick Ma says:

    i feel like tasty reposts his video every 2 months and i still lose my mind everytime i see it

  30. Damn. how do they some up with these. smart.

  31. GAmsta Bri says:

    Lol i was thinking in my head “wow, there are a lot of onions in th-OOOH… it’s a onion ri- yea, yea ok that makes sense”

  32. The amount of things I can't eat….

  33. Has anyone else noticed why all these POV videos are done by white people?? I thought Buzzfeed was progressive but apparently not! Like it's not hard.

  34. Dragon Dung says:

    I've seen the first one like a 100 times now

  35. Nubian Cutey says:

    Freeze, flour, egg wash, bread crumbs, deep fry! Got it!

  36. Elena G says:

    I didn't feel hungry until I watched this video…

  37. Cheer Demon says:

    0:21 I'm soooooooooooo making this

  38. Yarely Lugo says:

    Do bendy and the ink machine designed food

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