3 Healthy Cookie Recipes! Easy and Yummy Healthy Dessert!

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22 Responses

  1. You should make a healthy brownies 3 ways video! Like zucchini, alvacodo and date or black bean…

  2. Samantha says:

    would banana work as a sweetener in the fudgey chocolate cookies instead of the maple syrup?

  3. What could I substitute for flaxseed in the chocolate chunk recipe? I want to make them tonight but don’t have any flax. These all look delicious!

  4. Can I replace the maple syrup for agave syrup? I actually don't really like the taste of maple syrup haha

  5. Love a good peanut butter cookie with chocolate chips!

  6. FruityLiving says:

    Do you think you could sub sweet potato for the avocado?

  7. Excited to try these! Next Friday I have a staff meeting and it’s my turn to bring the snack! Thinking of doing the chocolate ones because they are also school friendly 😊

  8. Romy Louise says:

    the food u make always looks so good!

  9. arletteross says:

    🦋🌻👍💜 Love macadamia cookies yummy

  10. Xtremedog83 says:

    I love macadamia nut cookies! And I am finally home so I can try making these😄😋

  11. Yum 😍😍 I'm so going to try the macadamia cookies!

  12. Can you try a healthy honey bun recipe? I've been craving them lately, but the ingredients in the store-bought ones are terrible.

  13. minekosann says:

    All kinds of this seems to be delicious!
    It seems to be very satisfying even one piece!

  14. 🙀 i want to try them all !! 😬😻 im always so exited when you post a new video !!

  15. Selma Selma says:

    Can u make healthy version of tiramisu and churros please

  16. My kinda video 😍😍 these cookies look so delicious! Can’t wait to try them out liv!

  17. Yay two oil-free cookie recipes!!😍

  18. Shar M says:

    Wow I have so many cravings rn for cookies

  19. Definitely trying the fudgey cookie. And theres something about oatmeal cookies I really like I could have them forever

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