3 EASY Instant Pot Breakfast Recipes! Dump and Go for Beginners!

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9 Responses

  1. Where do you get the pans for the pancakes?

  2. Lise Bedard says:

    Hi !Kristen,Vanessa sent me.Love these yummy goodies.

  3. LemonadeMom says:

    Those German pancakes look delicious! Thanks so much for collabing with me today ❤️

  4. Lisa E says:

    Awww God bless your sweet little helpers. My daughter will be 18 soon. I miss those days of little hands n' feet. Goes by fast. ❤

  5. Grace Faith says:

    thanks for the quick instant pot breakfast recipes! Will have to try this for my family. 💜

  6. I really need to order the 2 tier pan! 💕 I love those little feet!!!

  7. Annie K. says:

    Great stuff. German pancakes. But you can make it in the oven for less time and less clean up.

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