5 Kid-Friendly Vegan Meals

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  1. ziljin says:

    I'm not vegan but those look delicious!

  2. pasta isn’t vegan tho…?

  3. Sammie Tyler says:

    More vegan recipes without nuts in please!

  4. Freeze till 1 month I’m no expert but still

  5. Sbeast says:

    Thanks for all the vegan recipes 🙂
    #govegan http://www.govegan.org.uk/

  6. Ava Peters says:

    Rabbit milk is for baby rabbits
    Cat milk is for kittens
    Dog milk is for puppies
    Hippo milk is for baby hippos
    Elephant milk is for baby elephants

    Cow milk is for……

    Humans????? Yeah that makes a whole lot of sense.

  7. Ava Peters says:

    If you wouldn't eat a dog, why would you eat a chicken

  8. Val Hall says:

    Can anyone identify the freezer bags at 00:41? I tried Google, and couldn't find them.

  9. Please do banting recipes🙏

  10. i find it funny how some vegan foods can literally be vegetables, but meat eaters still call vegan food "gross". like do you not eat carrots or ANY vegetables ?? at all ?

  11. Sonia Pires says:

    I love these original options 🙂

  12. I don’t know that they are all kid friendly… my sister would see right through it

  13. What a depressing childhood.

  14. kitty lover says:

    Isn't yeast a microorganism ?

  15. How does vegan cheese taste?

  16. LaDolcevita says:

    This video is extremely misleading! You can’t make chickpea flour by all Irish a can of it in a blender then pulsing? That turns into hummus? One must dehydrate the beans first! Other than this.. great job! Love the vegan recipes!

  17. I’m just waiting for some vegans to show up with a nes theory that plants also feel pain and stuff and they’ll jist eat dirt or something, well done vegans, you found a way to ruin good meat recipes just because you miss meat products

  18. Half of the ingredients I don't have

  19. Why will kids ever be vegan

  20. People who make their kids go vegan while they are still kids should be beaten up

  21. Myshtah says:

    Before y'all post abt this being child abuse, think of all the lactose intolerant kids/kids that don't like the taste of meat. Yes, they exist

  22. EatRiceOrDie says:

    I eat dangerous and scary food not friendly tho

  23. I thought that everything without alcohol is kid friendly

  24. Sarah Kline says:

    I’m vegetarian (and kosher) and I’ve been craving spicy chicken nuggets… any substitutes?

  25. Nostalgia came when i heard the music._. Reminds me of back then when they used to put it in better shows than now lol but really love the recipes and song thank you for all of it

  26. On the first one why one month

  27. RckerMom87 says:

    My 7yr old won't any of these dishes except the mac and cheese one, but 15mo probably would try the other dishes lol.

  28. As long as it taste good dont care if vegan or not

  29. Why would you put your kid on a vegan diet, if they wanna eat chicken nuggets with chocolate milk let them fuckin have it. Especially kids, they’re growing and need all them nutrients and calcium and protein and shit. Not soy beans and grass.

  30. SML QUEEN says:

    the first on is lying those sheetpan pancakes are different from the ones they showed that they put syrup on

  31. Mark Anthony says:

    Looks gross. Also the music is terrible

  32. Jo says:

    What the hell is vegan cheese?

  33. Drini Nokaj says:

    If a kid is Vegan it’s definitely because his/her mother made it happen


  35. Jayoh 214 says:

    i aint waiting a month for the first one

  36. Tejron420 says:

    Why do you torture KIDS with vegan meals. I can't understand that. Vegans doesn't know that they can live even 15 years shorter because they have diffrent blood type to make their body tolerate their veganism? Please don't be a vegan because it's awful and not tasy but if you need to be one let your child decide if he/she wants to be a vegan.

  37. The Skittles says:

    dont force your downy ways on us

  38. Oh look….terrible tasting food that kind of looks good.

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