My Busy Indian Daily Morning Routine | Breakfast, Kid’s School Tiffin, Husband’s Office Lunch Box

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35 Responses

  1. Avoid too much talks,add more music.that makes ur vlog interesting.

  2. Amazing dear, In this busy schedule you managed to share your routine with us. Very impressive. Thank you so much and stay blessed😍😍

  3. Raghu Vayeda says:

    Nice video 👍 you make your makeup collection video

  4. maitrayee sub kaam kitni asani se karti ho.. so proud of you… good wife and also good mother… apni mummy se jaroor milana… etni talented beti ki mummy bhi utni smart or talented hogi…

  5. Nice video, want to see your mother.

  6. Easy Living says:

    aap aaloo ke pakode banana sekhao na plZ

  7. Aap Bahutu ache vedeo dete ho

  8. Recognise the scl Frm sweety's uniform,,previously my daughter was in same scl Frm her pre scl to 4th std..

  9. Sonia Gurung says:

    Happy Wednesday…. Khub mithai kha rahe ho. Ab exercise bhi start kar do. Nice watching u. Love u

  10. T M says:

    Sweete ki khee schoole jai

  11. Aaish Ammar says:

    Hi dear how are you??? Hmmm aaj to mummy k sath bzy hongy,,,, enjoy dear

  12. In wich class does she study

  13. Aapki sweaty ketne years ki he

  14. unicorn 123 says:

    Sweety ke school me 1 chotie allow hai mere school me nahi hai

  15. nupur das says:

    Tumi khub misti khao and amader sathe eirokom sweet sweet kotha bolo😋😋😘😘love you😘😘

  16. Meri beti 13years ki he vobhi aapka chenal roj dekhti he usko aapke ghar aana he sweety ko milna he

  17. jancy bibin says:

    every mom is so busy in morning with children husband food tiffin….dear cm to some live sessions dat u can interact with everyone

  18. unicorn 123 says:

    Sweety is in which class.
    When ever i feel sad or ill i watch your videos and u r great

  19. Anika Singh says:

    You are so nice .I m always waiting your video

  20. Wow I like eat Pulaw . Muje bhi khaneka man ho gaya

  21. Apni mummy se jaroor milana 👍

  22. Aarti Kurne says:

    Nice vlog….keep it up….maitreyee live chat kab aaoge…..stay happy stay blessed tkcare happy Wednesday

  23. Ki j bhalolage tomar vlog ki bolbo… Khub bhalo laglo..

  24. Kitna kuch karte ho mam apne ghr ke liye humare liye i proud of you mam👌hum lucky h ki hum aapke friends h

  25. Shazia Ahmed says:

    Di apki mom k sath b vlog zarur bnana plz di

  26. usha rao says:

    Dii drink apple cider vinegar with steel straw it will erode teeth enamel.

  27. sara kaur says:

    That is a lot of work….salute to you sis. I mostly make overnight oats for kids and put it in the fridge and my kids eat by themselves cause I start work at 4am every morning and for lunch I pay the school café so they can eat hot food.

  28. Beena Rana says:

    I like your all video….love you dear😘😘

  29. Maitreyee aunty I am seriously going mad here seeing ur videos! Would love to share my rooms pictures too… U too would love it!!!!

  30. Acv should b drank with straw otherwise ur tooth enamel wil get damaged as it is acidic may develop sensitivity n in long run may chip tooth…love u vlogs

  31. Namrata Naik says:

    so cute didi AAP bohat thak jati hogi na

  32. Vasudha TS says:

    Pls do grocery list video. Waiting…

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