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  1. UR4 Me says:

    When she smashed that potato or something I trued to do it and I actually smashed it

  2. When it says 5 minutes long.."16 minutes and 21 seconds long"

  3. I’m so trying the Nutella pancakes🥞🥞🥞🥞🥞

  4. กร้อกเน้กแาส่ดเนสนัพำหำหำหำหำหำหำหำหำดำดำดำด5555555555555

  5. Lohi Sweety says:

    they r not giving the name of the paticular item

  6. الموز هوة و كشرة ياكلوه 😂😂

  7. Bugdeerengiihen jor yu be. 😕😗😘😚😨😜😝😛😎😅

  8. king D*si tv says:

    Mmmmmm it looks tasty,no it is tasty im shore

  9. that vidio makes me hungry

  10. roses are red violets are blue I hate cheese and onions too

  11. I hate cheese. who agrees?

  12. # Wow Adorable.!! 😊

  13. Manish Taly says:

    Almost 90% recipies are repeated. If you agree like

  14. badrun nahar says:

    every recipe with nutella

  15. Moro Silver says:

    Y'all abused them steaks.

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