3 Easy Vegan Lunch Box Ideas | Meal Prep

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  1. Go_ Rozy says:

    Great recipes! 🍃❤

  2. 2010kh says:

    Ms Ama these look him yummy. Glad I found your Channel, will be a new subbie

  3. Lexy Medina says:

    Mango and black beans 🙌🏾 such a great combination 🖤

  4. You have me some great ideas thanks!

  5. welltite says:

    I'm a new vegan and your recipes give me life… I luv luv luv them all especially the quinoa salads, they are really quick and easy. Looking forward to more of your colorful and appetizing creations.

  6. Wtf this actually looks so freaking good!!! Gotta try all of these asap!

  7. hermioneinc says:

    Like them all ! 👍

  8. For F says:

    I Like it thinks 💙

  9. Love it. I think I'm hooked. ❤Shanick

  10. Danny J says:

    So thankful for you and giving me the motivation to make my own vegan lunches for work

  11. DJ BeAtus says:

    I love your videos Rachel and big respect for all the inspirational vegan food ideas. I just want to ask you, have ever thought about seedless grapes (I'm presuming they are seedless) and the fact that no fruits are naturally seedless. I personally try to stay away from them, as I regard seedless fruits as being a man made Frankenstein control system that stops nature reproducing itself naturally. IMO, that can't be mother natures version of healthy. What are your thoughts?

  12. That looks more like a tortilla than a pita bread. Did you know that it is genetic as to whether or not you like coriander? I also like to make a similar salad using barley. We seem to have overlooked barley these days. it used to go in every soup when I was growing up and it was eaten even more before then. It has a wonderful mild flavor and is even good as a breakfast cereal or added to your breakfast cereal.

  13. My cat George is the love of my life and everybody tells me that my cat's eye raise throughout my life are not cats they are human. The cat can have the vocabulary of a three-year-old child and I talked constantly to George throughout the last 7 years. If I say it's behind you he'll turn around to get it he also plays fetch like a dog and is a great comfort to me being alone nearly all of the time disabled without family. I love him with all of my heart and he loves me back!

  14. I would like to share my tahini topping sauce salad dressing I use it on nearly everything. I use tahini lemon juice and water along with salt and pepper and at least two fresh garlic cloves crushed, minced beyond recognition basically! If you must have spice a few hot chili flakes will do the business. I add my water last because tahini can and will seize up on you like chocolate when you add water to it and you have to start over. With this dressing sauce covering good on anything thing it does not cease permanently once you begin to add some warm water and make it as thick or thin as you prefer. It really is an all-purpose sauce dressing and great replacement for Mayo.

  15. I'll be making all of these soon. I love the colours being a vegan too 🙂 you are so lovely to watch. Only just found your videos and glad because you've brightened my morning x

  16. Love your channel!!! 😍

  17. Very healthy with good protein

  18. Naa Kai says:

    Love love love these ideas. We're not vegans yet, but definitely working on healthier lifestyle. These will work for us.

  19. What kind of knife do you use? Where did you learn to cook? Did you just teach yourself? I’ve watched sooo many cooking videos but I still struggle making things taste good :// PS love your house and kitchen!!

  20. Bambi Dior says:

    I love you and the channel and I think/hope that you will get 1 Million subscribers soon❤❤❤

  21. Anita M. says:

    Hi There!! The wrap looks amazing. What was the spread you used on it? It looks yummy and flavorful

  22. Nicole Isaac says:

    Nice! Looking forward to more videos from you!

  23. monruk123 says:

    Thank you so much f or making this video. These lunch ideas are simple to make and they look delicious. I cant wait to try them!!!

  24. BabeRuthuk says:

    Ama? Are you from Ghana?

  25. What happened to Kale?!

  26. This is so weird! It's Sonia from spanish class! One of your videos came up on the recommended list next to a james aspey video i was watching! Plus! I know you had a dog too but we have both have the same breed! X

  27. bout to eat the quinoa for a light dinner

  28. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  29. Anita Turner says:

    these are good ideas…and simple

  30. Some smashing ideas for my next lunch 🙂 Thank you! 😉

  31. Nice recipes will try out the quinoa one

  32. Love love love ur channel

  33. where in LDN are you from??

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