ASMR ~ Whispered Reading of Dessert Recipes (W/Pointer)

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13 Responses

  1. nanzy5 says:

    I literally just organized all of my dessert recipes into a binder before bed… so funny that you post this video now! 😋 Thank you Mary!!!

  2. QueerBabe says:

    This is so, so awesome. I love your quiet whispers so much! They’re lip smacking heaven! Reminds me of how Gentle Whispering used to do her recipe videos.

  3. I just want to have her read all of my books and magazines to me! This should be a thing.. like audio/visual books with her tracing and turning pages ❤

  4. abby h says:

    Well, “Jell-O” there, Mary!

    im so sorry for that awful pun

  5. fattwat1 says:

    Mary is best at the whispered videos

  6. Yay!!Just in time to go to sleep to. Thank you Mary! I hope that you're feeling better! xo 💜

  7. Rosio Bernal says:

    Gives me so many tingles

  8. great video! keep up the good work <3

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