Easy Bento Lunches + What She Ate – Chicken Salad Recipe – Bento School Lunch Ideas – 31st week

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  1. Okyx Aria says:

    Shput out please? I LOVE UU

  2. Kailyn Maude says:

    Ilygsm but I’m not first hehe can I have a shoutout ❤️

  3. Chloe Carved says:

    ILYSM y’all are my fave youtubers!! Can I please have a shoutout?💕

  4. HeyyItzMoses says:

    My Mum makes me chicken salad and I lovveee it!
    Raisins (Optional)
    a little bit of Condensed Milk

  5. Can I have a shout out love your channel

  6. I love you channel where do you get your containers

  7. Her backpack is so cute

  8. Can you comment back to my comment? I love your channel!

  9. Can I have a shout-out

  10. I love your channel!,I watch your videos so much,!I love your videos!,I'm glad that Bella has new headphones!MCan I plz have a shout out and if you pin this I LOVE YOUUUUUUU!!

  11. nursejoy says:

    She had about 5 bites of the chilli, half of the yogurt and probably 5 grapes lol 😁

  12. Hey Bella love you guys

  13. Piper Craig says:

    Early squad! (ish). In love with your lunch ideas. I have to try a few of these. <3

  14. Joey Bao says:


  15. Shoutout 💖💖💖 I love you guys so much

  16. OMG I love you guys so much!!!!!!!!!! I think you should try mango slices with pineapple juice dropped on the top its SOOO GOOD!!! can I have a shoutout please? X ❤️

  17. Btw thank you for sending her a colorful lunch Wednesday April 11th bc I requested it for my bday!!!!!

  18. I got those headphones for my sister birthday and she loves them love you guys shoutout plz

  19. Shir Brehaut says:

    I love your channel! Also can I have a shoutout?

  20. If this isn’t too sweet f9r Bella, I don’t know if u have m&ms, but if you do here’s kind of a recipe XD
    So you put m&ms in the middle part of it. Use vanilla yogurt then when Bella gets to school she can put the m&ms in her yogurt, I think it tastes good. If you put the m&ms in before school they will get kinda soggy and devolve

  21. Wow! Congrats on being sponsored guys! Also, another great video! And yes, my microwave does that too! So annoying! Smh

  22. Omg I am a little early yay um hi I love your videos so much and can I have a shoutout

  23. McDobs says:

    YES, MY MICROWAVE IS NEEDY! It’s so annoying. 😂

  24. Bellas accent, I can't haha soo cute!!! ❤

  25. L Donoghue says:

    Clever girl making breakfast

  26. FIRST but….not first but still

  27. Gabbie Goo says:

    Can I have a shoutout, I am a big fan

  28. Shoutout? Ily guys❤️

  29. My first time early!
    Could i have a shout-out?

  30. Sorry im alittle late but im still early #earlysquad

  31. ItsJuliaYT says:

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  32. Flamey Tube says:

    Yay Bella brought it home!!

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