HOT SCHOOL LUNCH IDEAS || Getting the Kids to Try NEW Foods!

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  1. Nancy Hemati says:

    Great ideas! I liked the lunch with the Edamame, Gyoza and Sesame Sticks. I need to try all that from Trader Joe's! So fun! I really have a new found outlook about making my lunch and it's all because of your videos. I've always liked making my own meals, but preparing a lunch used to be something I'd put off until it was too late. Then I'd have to go out for lunch, which just made me mad. Now, I see that it's a PRIME opportunity for me to be REALLY creative and now I really look forward to planning, making and eating my lunches. A long message to really just say, Thanks, so much!

  2. Roses are red violets are blue I love Family Fudge as but as you do❤️❤️

  3. kdab1313 says:

    I love these lunch videos, keep them coming!

  4. ELLEN WU says:

    i love this a suggestion is to have tie die yogurt. You take different color yogurts or take white the yogurt and color it with food coloring. Also I am a picky eater but another idea is to take white bread and use food markers to draw a face. A last idea is orange slices and apple slices to make a tie die looking ball. This would be really fun if you added some picks to your fruit that are the eye ones and then added a little figurine of themselves to make a personalized lunch. Just an idea

  5. I bet the kids would love McDonalds I think you should get them that

  6. Did anyone relize at the end she said out of all of TODAYS lunches whitch was your favriote

  7. Can you do toddler dinner ideas please I suggest that I love your toddler griffin

  8. Ruby Beck says:

    Your amazing you always give your kids healthy food it's amazing and by the way were do you get the containers not the thermometer but the container and can I be in you vids plz?

  9. natalie says:

    They all look good, but I think oatmeal was my fave🙂

  10. Great idea u should do more shape 😍😍😍

  11. dee dee says:

    The way lily speaks is so cute

  12. I like the fig bars but they are super sweet. Great for kids to eat healthy snacks but as a breakfast for an adult it was too much

  13. shakila rasa says:

    You should try ravioli at Costco,it has vedgatables and mozzarella cheese. You put it in pasta sauce

  14. Barbie Aroza says:

    Dragon fruit tastes really good!

  15. Mia ojeda says:

    I love this videos!!!

  16. I liked the lunch with the pot stickers!!

  17. Eleza Eleza says:

    Yay! I love this week when you make new lunch ideas…….. I love your ideas sooo much

  18. Last week I suggested dessert imposter lunch, and I came up with an idea for Monday, PB and J day, you can cut the sandwich in to a slice of cake then add more filling on top the add another slice of sandwich!

  19. Watched 2hours after post getting sooo close loved it ❤️

  20. Wawa Chang says:

    I ❤️ your videos! Can I get a shoutout please?

  21. harial says:

    I'm shocked that your oldest didn't like the potstickers. I would be eating those things all day every day if I could. lol

  22. Love you guys so much Can you please do a Nothervideo of what my kids eat for dinner please have a recommendation for a dinner idea Korean beef is one my favorite meals that my mom makes.

  23. CV Thai says:

    You should do fan pick Friday, it’s when you pick a suggested lunch from one of your viewer and give it to your kids on a Friday ❤️

  24. Lily has been doing well and your other kids this week in eating the lunches

  25. Lily is so funny on Wednesday's lunch and she left some peels inside her lunch pocket

  26. I think you might have known my mom her name is Debbie knock

  27. Mom – "It's looking at you"
    Lily – "laughs" =) So cute

  28. Bree w says:

    Really cute ideas❤️👏🏻

  29. Why does Jackson Randomly have an 'I like you' sticker in his lunch on Tuesday

  30. Angelface :) says:

    Lol , that was too cute , Lilly trying to trick you with the apple sauce pouch !! 😀

  31. pug lover says:

    These are so cute!

  32. Aahil Aahil says:

    great ideas but I'm late

  33. Can I have a shout out I love your videos

  34. U want them to eat hard oatmeal??

  35. Can I get a shoutout please.

  36. My favorite was the barbecue chicken sandwich lunch

  37. London Jones says:

    I love your channel! The lunches give me inspiration for my lunch and when I have my own kids. Can I have a shout out please?

  38. Why don't you freeze the yogurt tubs to keep them cold in the lunches

  39. I love you lunches! That is such a good idea!

  40. For the pb&J day next week you should make gluten free peanut butter and jelly bars with a naturally sweetened oat almond crust and after that put peanut butter and jelly on top.(This recipe is found on google just search pb&J bars.)

  41. Ace's Place says:

    Pot stickers is my favorite! I love those!

  42. My favorite lunch was the BBQ chicken.

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