Meal Prep Master Class – 10 Ingredients, 5 Healthy Meal Prepping Ideas

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  1. Hey everyone, here are the macros for all 5 recipes!
    Macros for stir fry with 2 pieces of chicken:
    529 calories
    25 grams of fat
    12.9 grams of net carbs
    63 grams of protein
    8 grams of protein

    Macros for frittata:
    403 calories
    30 grams of fat
    6.7 grams of net carbs
    26 grams of protein
    2.3 grams of fiber

    Macros for pesto pasta, with leftover pesto sauce
    543 calories
    31 grams of fat
    10.5 grams of net carbs
    54 grams of protein
    9.3 grams of fiber

    Macros for lunch salad:
    660 calories
    39 grams of fat
    21.5 grams of net carbs
    55.2 grams of protein
    8 grams of fiber

    Macros for shakshuka:
    406 calories
    27 grams of fat
    30.1 grams of net carbs
    18.7 grams of protein
    9.8 grams of fiber

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  2. luisazuffo says:

    Meal prep is key to eating healthy! πŸ™‚

  3. silvia0224 says:

    As always food looks incredible delicious! But this comment goes to your T-shirt, you crack me up, loved it!!!

  4. I love your recipes. They are easy to follow and I feel like a real chef in the kitchen!!!

  5. I know!! Room temp πŸ€“

  6. I love this video with multiple dishes and minimal ingredients. Please do more videos like this!

  7. Hola flav city riquisimas con binaciones mmm seantojan demasiado en la semana mago las 3 gracias deliciosas

  8. ryan tabb says:

    Dinosaur kale …

  9. ryan tabb says:

    Oh my stars in heaven….

  10. awesome u should do more like this!

  11. Elyce A says:

    You want the chicken to be room temperature so it’s not tough.

    P.S. Learned this from your videos and my chicken thanks you πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  12. Bobby, you’re a winner in my book! I’m sharing this video with everybody I know!

  13. Kelly Griver says:

    Thank you so much!! You have no idea how helpful your videos are βœ¨πŸ™Œ

  14. Harrrgh says:

    Low carb, Whole Foods, tons of flava & nutrition and won't blow the budget! You never disappoint Bobby!πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

  15. Where can we get those noodles!?!?!

  16. Room temp!! Looks delish!! Love your shirtsπŸ˜†

  17. Room temperature! I’ve seen enough of your videos to know hahah
    Lol what Desi said about all the peppers being on one side is basically my omelette anytime I make one πŸ˜‚

  18. Paul says:

    I need to get one of those shirts!

  19. I’ve heard it said that good olive oil should taste like the Tuscan Sun. Is that true?

  20. Char Troyer says:

    Thank you Bobby! As always, your video’s rock!!

  21. Ruta Paga says:

    You are Amazing!! I enjoyed every single meals you post. Thanks for sharing and looking forward for some more.

  22. Ncem T says:

    Cool! I will try makking chicken stir fry on Sunday.

  23. yes, yes, yes! definitely got to do more of these type of meal preps

  24. Finally! Someone has mapped out an entire day for me for both cooking and eating! Love it! Looks good!

  25. Dennis Pike says:

    Great video…though I have to agree with your wife, walnuts are an extra ingredient…sorry bud. To be honest, I do have them in my pantry, but only because they are left over from Holiday baking. I'm more of an almond person myself for snaking.

  26. i3abikay says:

    Walnuts are eleventh ingredients for those that don't naturally stock up on them

  27. i3abikay says:

    "I'll do my own peppers" lol that cracked me up. You and Dessi, wonderful pair πŸ™‚

    Cold water on the burn!

  28. i3abikay says:

    That's a great tip with the noodles. Before you used it I would get them and wonder why it taste the way it does, and so watery. Now I can try them again. Also love the recipes you're sharing! Can't wait to start prepping. My mom does the cooking for me right now because I'm busy with studies, and working overtime. Brutal sigh looking forward to getting back in the kitchen

  29. 🀀🀀🀀 oh my god so hungry now! Can I come eat your guys finished dishes? πŸ˜†

  30. Maria C says:

    Chicken thighs should be room temp to get the crusty love!

  31. Kaylee Meyer says:

    I watch so many of your videos. I don't necessarily follow your recipes but it gives me ideas as to what to cook/meal prep. The other day the supermarket had a discount on a bag of mixed fresh veggies. I ended up with Indian Karela and have no clue what to do with it. Ideas? Alsooo, I don't think you don't have any recipes with Eggplant! You should do one, and another using unusual ingredients (just for fun) . 😊😊😊 Continuing inspiring us! Thanks ! 😁β™₯️β™₯️

  32. Your meal preps are great . Now I just need to make them . My husband works 2nd shift so he can heat them up very easy . πŸ’–πŸ’–

  33. Curls Galore says:

    Room temperature of course. How do I know this cause Bobby told me so! I love your videos I considered doing social media just to show ppl how you taught me how to kill in it in the kitchen. 😁

  34. Annie S says:

    Fab video Please do more of these for us So easy to follow Sorry Bobby I agree with Desi the walnuts are an ingredient you may not have on hand and need to allow for

  35. Bobby, I eat a plant based diet but I still watch your channel and enjoy your recipes (I just remove the dairy and animal products). You post quality videos with such diverse recipes that are also healthy. You introduced me to the shirataki noodles and I am so grateful because I have to watch my carb intake. Thank you for sharing and thanks for being you!

  36. Claire Cote says:

    Love this video!!! Super creative.

  37. Debra Zotti says:

    Room Temp. lol American. My Mother said it is either Italian or American.

  38. Room temp for even cooking!! (I guess you can tell I've see all of your videos) πŸ˜€ Love your meal preps, Bobby! You're a genius!

  39. Rosa Coria says:

    Wow, so many wonderful ideas, can't wait to try them.. thank you again.. I want to try the pesto.. thanks

  40. TBnMe2013 says:

    This is awesome!!

  41. Ola Smile says:

    Room temperature. πŸ˜‰ At least 20 minutes outside of the fridge.

  42. Thea B says:

    Room Temperature !

  43. Joe Childers says:

    You wait for the chicken to reach close to room temp so the chicken cooks more evenly

  44. Martine says:

    Woot. This looks awfully like my suggestion of a couple of months back. This all looks great. Thanks for all the work you put into this.

  45. At 10:17… that is a good looking booty!!!πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

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