Smoked Ribs Recipe (Waring Super Easy)

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21 Responses

  1. Hey Kosmo, I noticed that the fire you got going was different from the fire on the hot and fast brisket on the can. Is that because of the different style of cans or something else?

  2. Da Manila's says:

    Pineapple 🍍ribs with a pina colada 🍹!!! Great video …. saas 🤟🏼

  3. pitbull004 says:

    Ok I'm buying a bottle of each glaze and some dirty bird rub. That looks so freakin good!

  4. Honest Abe says:

    Psst… Forgot "n" in the word warning in video title

  5. Honest Abe says:

    I love drop a video Saturday!!!
    Why didn't I buy ribglaze this week!?!?!?
    Thx again 👍👍👍
    Placing another order

  6. This mans BBQ rubs, sauces, brines and now Rib glaze are next level! He is being kind when he says “it just wins”, they dominate!

  7. who would thumbs down this . Kosmo wheres the beers

  8. shumardi1 says:

    That's it! I need to buy your rubs and glazes!

  9. shumardi1 says:

    Could I cook 8 racks like that? Maybe lay them on their edges on the grate?

  10. Rus ridge says:

    Another good cook. I think I need a nap I'm full from all those ribs.

  11. JewManGuru says:

    How do you have the air vent set on the PBC?

  12. Kosmo! Are your sauces available at my local HEB?

  13. I have the apple cherry habanero and oh my. It’s great on ribs and chicken. I use cow cover hot for my rub. Nice job Kosmo

  14. Those ribs looked spot on!!! Crazy they only took three hours! Hey Kosmo I’ll come taste test for future products. You know…for educational purposes of course lol.

  15. Great looking shine brother. And I’m sure they taste incredible. I’ll be waiting for that next live stream to order some, I was to slow on the draw last time.

  16. stonecoldtrk says:

    Nice. I'm doing some ribs today myself 🙂

  17. broyb says:

    @kosmos.q can you do one next time using the pbc jr? See how they are !

  18. broyb says:

    Omg those looked fantastic

  19. jonas f says:

    What temp was the can running at?

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