Crispy Corn Recipe || Tea Time Snack ||Easy Making Recipe|| Nawabs kitchen

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  1. Are mujhe bhi khila do Yrr😍😍 so testyyyy

  2. Imar says:

    How you decide what to cook?

  3. Masha allah i like ur videos from chennai.tamil nadu

  4. Hello, Can you send me your email I’d . I would like to donate. Please email me the details

  5. Akram Khan says:

    Subhaan ALLAH mera india develope ho rha hai..jis tarike se aapne apne haath mei polythin cover pehen kr khana bnaya..wo dekh ke mera dil khush ho gya..and plzzzzzzz aapke channel mei likhiye ki aap india se ho..

  6. Akram Khan says:

    Sir plzzzzzzz aapke channel mei likhiye ki aap india se ho..ya phir aapke hr vedio mei india mention kijiye.. plzzzzzzz taaki sbko ptaa chale ki aap India se ho.. plzzzzzzz sir

  7. Sahel Khan says:

    As salamu Alaikum
    Bhai aap jo video shoot karte ho wo location kaha ka hai

  8. الله يحفضك وانشألله توصل مليون مشترك لان تستاهل😊

  9. My Passion says:

    Hi very nice videos sir,today i saw ur channel for first time,watched all the videos,simply superb

  10. Emm … wat about English subtitle??

  11. Aslkm I like your videos from England but I can not under stand your language

  12. subhanallah , this is a best video.

  13. Cyber Guru says:

    Bhaijaan aap kaha se ho

  14. Bro I don't understand that why u kill animals just to make food or to donate it.A Muslim can even be a good Muslim by being pure vegetarian. So please don't kill animals because they also have their life.

  15. He has a smile that warms your heart 😄

  16. Was that powdered sugar on the corn? Glad to see corn grows in India.
    Corn is also good with just butter. Nice of you to feed the cute children.

  17. This reminds me of our “cornick” in the Philippines 🇵🇭 yummy!

  18. s. hussain says:

    MashAllah, Nice snack. Where is Tea..? Please show. How to make Dum Chai.

  19. That corn looks delish! Sending best wishes from Texas!!!

  20. تستاهل 12 مليار لايك وملاحضة

  21. شكراااااااااااااا
    جزاك الله خيرا

  22. Parul Hothi says:

    Aapki smile bahot achhi he sir

  23. Assalamualikum wa rehamatullahi wa barakatuhu Mashallah kya cooking karte ho Aap dil khush hojata deakh tha he ..aur khana maan karta …bht acha kaam karre Aap Mashallah jazak Allah khair

  24. 😘😍😍😍😙😚😚😚😍😍😍😙😙

  25. Bipin Mathew says:

    Lord Allaha Lord Ganesha is with u

  26. Justin Ar says:

    Yummy….. 👌👌👌👌

  27. Archana Arun says:

    Im from Kerala, I like your programme

  28. Syed Waseem says:

    MASHA ALLAH simple yet delicious recipe

  29. Supppper se bhi upppeeerrr

  30. David freyr says:

    you are amazing thank you for all the good work you have done bless you!

  31. Hajra Bibi says:

    Ma sha Allah. I always watch your videos they are very interesting and then the smile on the children's faces are just so sweet. Love from uk

  32. Fahad manin says:

    Good job
    I'll try it at home


  33. ماشاللة 😊☺😇😆

  34. narender193 says:

    Bhai jaan aap bahut acha kaam kar rahe hain… Meri dua hai upar wala apko aur taraqqi de…

  35. Shakith Ali says:

    mash allah. rally great work and his cooking style is perfect with quality even if he make big amount of food.. and ish and dua for his big heart for feeding poor !!

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