On-The-Go Breakfast Ideas (Meal Planning)

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  1. RE ABERILLA says:

    Boring meals and short nails!duh

  2. Where did you get the mini brie

  3. DONT USE The MAGIC BULLET has been known to leave BLACK OIL INTO your SMOOTHIE

  4. you should not harm animals in order to feed yourself

  5. Hi Rachel! 1st time on your channel and LOVE it! I immediately tried to find the Target plastic cups with no luck. Can you give any more info like the name to help me locate? Thanks!

  6. I'm enjoying all of your videos. They are full of great ideas and always inspiring. And I like to make the bistro boxes as well using a box or container then muffin tins/papers to separate items. You can get the exact bread at Sprouts. They are called Muesli Snacking Rounds by Ozery.

  7. Piasi Sinha says:

    I love your videos but somehow plastic ziplock bags should not be used. Let's not encourage use of plastic in daily life.

  8. coast crown says:

    What quantity is jar in which you finally pour the mixture

  9. apricot says:

    love the good vibes from your channel 🙂

  10. Ko-Shin says:

    Totally got up and made those chia puddings for tomorrow! Love this video – and hope you make more like it!

  11. JcbUWF1248 says:

    I cringe at all those carbs. lol

  12. Yay! Meal planning, been waiting on this!! (0:

  13. Jasmine K. says:

    It's a copy of Starbucks protein tray

  14. Can you use honey in place of the maple syrup? Despite living in Vermont I really don't like maple anything.

  15. submarine bd says:

    Can i use a blender different than Magical Bullets? I have a non MB, i don't know if it will turn out as delicious as yours 😐

  16. AOmega84 says:

    loved this! healthy and not many ingrediants and busy mom friendly 🙂 WIN WIN!

  17. Where did you get the reusable bags? Great video, thank you for the recipes!

  18. Reva K says:

    omg is drives me crazy when people say spinidge instead of spinach!!!

  19. Love yr channel keep up the good work

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