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35 Responses

  1. Welcome to Make in Kitchen. Thank you for watching our videos and subscribe our channel for latest updates.

  2. Abdul Raheem says:

    Flax seed gel epdi prepare panneengha

  3. Abdul Raheem says:

    Unghaloda vanali epdi ipdi shiningaah papichunnu vachirukeengha tips kodungha

  4. Nice vedio upload meal plan it will be very useful for me

  5. ugir10 says:

    Weekly Meal planning podunga please

  6. Manoharan S says:

    Hi iam banu. Very nice video very useful to me thank you

  7. Loganathan J says:

    Good work loganathan. Mom

  8. Well planned….super

  9. Uma Kitchen says:

    super very smart, thank you for your video

  10. Hi . Video s superb but some coordination is missing .

  11. DEVI D says:

    Nice vedio. Well planned.

  12. Hai mam superb video. Nenga enda country la irukinga. Neat and planned work.

  13. I feel so proud that I am ur one of the subscriber. Such a wonderful and inspiration lady u r . I like ur voice and ur video

  14. Very good work… Nice planing

  15. Alfi Alfi says:

    Hi good job. can u upload beauty tips and flour grinding videos

  16. Periyavankalukku kutukkura mathiri light ana breakfast recipes share pannunga sis.

  17. Sister super pinringa ponga

  18. Hi pl come to our home, m bhagirathi ravi, nacavoor pirivula irrukken, super plan and presentation, god bless u

  19. Nanum coimbatore dha.. chettipalayam and my grandma house in pappampatti

  20. Hi nice r u n Coimbatore?

  21. Coimbatore la enga irukkeenga

  22. Nice video boosting me up my whole day routine . very homely&traditional superb

  23. Bushra Arif says:

    Super unga son global indian international school la tha padikkura na……….baniyas la

  24. Very nice video.
    My son also same school
    Which grade your son studying?

  25. Go mathi says:

    beautiful excellent

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