Fast Food Recipes You Can Make At Home

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21 Responses

  1. Mom isn't home.And I can't cook.Helph.😭

  2. maira khan says: I AM ON DIET 😭😭😭😭

  3. Rachel Jin says:

    These are mostly about chicken LOL.

  4. Wow, Awesome. I now know how ro make kfc fried chicken with all it's spices

  5. Hishy Picky says:

    That’s the special sauce

  6. N o l v a says:

    who else is hungry af?

  7. I have absolutely no intention of making these.

  8. I wanna eat it all! AAAA

  9. Naw the first one was a homemade big mac

  10. hey mate!thats an amazing video.just subbed

  11. 1:43 that's the video from the homemade chicken vs fast food

  12. I got a kfc ad for the start

  13. akmal hazim says:

    me trying to eat unhealty food
    ads about healty food
    me : -_- really…

  14. Potato Cake says:


  15. WARNING: Health damaging products are being sold in Rossmann's stores in Central Railway Station and Friedrichstrasse, Berlin! After being warned, the staff refuses to take them off the shelves! I invite the press from Germany and all over the world to join me every time a purchase food or beverage to see what's is going on!

    And here I would like to make an IMPORTANT NOTE: The fault for the health damaging products lies not with the companies that produced them! The products have been tampered with after the goods have left the premises of the producer!

  16. Steveee says:

    Click the video

    Get an AW ad

  17. Red Chili says:

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  18. TCK CSGO says:

    FIRST one is Big Mac

  19. Lethean says:

    Reallly thank you i will try but at this moment im watching just bcs im hungry lol

  20. What is it with you Americans not putting anything in your ground beef ?

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