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  1. Hi Nisha! These recipes look awesome. A few questions. Where do I buy fresh turmeric? Also, where did you get that skillet you used for the first recipe? Also, any recommendations on blenders?

  2. Yay, a new video 🙂 That green smoothie looks really good but I have to say I am always still hungry shortly after I drink a smoothie, maybe the addition of chia seeds and hemp will make me stay fuller, longer? Worth a try for sure. Also, that cauliflower "oatmeal" looks a-maz-ing!!🙌 These are some great ideas, as I am getting bored with my usual oats with almond milk and flax..😂

  3. I call my tofu scramble a ‘power meal’ because I feel like I fueled my body with all the food groups. I put some sun dried tomatoes in my scramble and also a small drizzle of honey on a slice of whole wheat toast. I’ll have to try your spice blend next time.

  4. wow delicious eu amei 👏😋💕

  5. pujavora2317 says:

    This all looks amazing! I would never skip breakfast if I had these. Also impressive skills at the gym!!

  6. All your recipes look delicious, Nisha! And I love that they're not only delicious, but nutritionally balanced also! You rock!

  7. does that last one taste like chocolate?

  8. wow, what an amazing way to use cauliflower! such a great idea, definitely going to try it! loved the video ❤️

  9. All these recipes look so delicious Nisha! I need to try that green smoothie 😍🙌🏼

  10. Pia Nagdev says:

    Cauliflower 😆 wow!!! That is so creative Nisha! Love ur recipes 💕

  11. maks md says:

    nice vdo mam… u are doing a good job …
    I appreciate that

  12. ivi122 says:

    The poridge looks amazing and what a great idea to use cauliflower. Although oats are really good for you but this is a great variation because sometimes Oats get a bit boring

  13. ivi122 says:

    Hello gorgeous, don’t forget the back pepper to absorb the turmeric better

  14. Liz Coyle says:

    I'm going to have to try that add a little sweetness to my breakfast. I love that idea. I also love your videos!

  15. Nedina Carl says:

    Hooray, another video! Your recipes are so creative yet seem easy enough for someone who's not a genius in the kitchen (me). I am definitely trying out this chocolate cauliflower bowl😍

  16. Nisha, that Chocolate Porridge is sneaky! 😎 Who knew!? I love it and can't wait to try it out (don't want to spoil it for anyone 😉).

  17. Nice healthy breakfast recipe.

  18. Sandy Grow says:

    Tofu scramble, chocolate porridge, green smoothie…my mouth is watering! Love that they're so healthy too.

  19. Yah girl! These look amazing! Love your videos! I didn’t know you had to press tofu.

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